Virtual Love – Why are millennial obsessed with it?

With increasing conglomeration of the virtual world into the real world, video games with live effects are becoming popular amongst every age strata.

Love and Producer is one such gaming application that has provided a virtual reality to Chinese women.

Gameslook launched the game on December 2017, which sought to ease out post-breakup blues. No sooner, it was a hit amongst the women who downloaded the application on their smartphones.

The game provides a platform to dispel the worries, the long-term disappointment that women usually feel after a heartbreak.

With the Adonis characters and the romantic ambience, one almost enters a dream world with open eyes. In this virtual world of Love and Producer, women manipulate the strings of relationships without any inhibitions.

Impressive reception

Since its launch, the Love and Producer game has been downloaded about eight million times. The number of online users per day is increasingly growing.

In China, one-third gamers are women, and this new launch has certainly proved to be a blessing for the developers. The number of users it has in such a meagre time has left all stunned.

Perhaps this was the trigger that caused this virtual beau to go viral on different platforms in other countries including India, Indonesia, Japan.

Characters lead the way

Love and Producer has four characters who in the end will become one’s Beau or Love Partner. Physically, the male figures are much like the direct descendants of the Greek god Adonis. With their charming personalities and perfectly sculpted physique, they are the perfect male partners in virtual reality.

The young CEO, Li Zeyan in Love and Producer has captured many hearts, and is naturally the most popular. His dominating yet appealing aura is designed to make the players go weak on their knees. Some fans of Li Zeyan even wished him on his virtual birthday by displaying a message for him on a skyscraper.

The other characters are also equally appealing and desirable, and have left Chinese women swooning. Sweet replies and their admiring approach have worked like a charm. No doubt, the game is becoming a trend in and outside China.

Escape from reality

The increasing difficulties in a real life relationship are forcing these women to become inclined towards the virtual world. Here they would not be judged for anything, and would be respected.

Women have found a temporary respite from the inevitable emotional attachments and the heartbreaks of a relationship. Goodbye incessant crying and depression!

Love and Producer is a relief from the harsh realities of the world, and so women are relying on those virtual friends and taking a chance with their hearts.

Global phenomenon

These virtual games are not only popular in China but all over the world.

My Candy Love, developed by a gaming company in France allows female players to develop a love life in a virtual college.

Love Story Games: Teen Romance is another popular android interface game from Serbia. It provides virtual high-school love relationships, made more enthralling by unique features and graphics.

Pixelberry, California’s famous web game developer, has created a mystery and adventure filled teenage love story – Choices. It is a virtual simulation app where the players can choose their partners and experience an amazing virtual love journey.

The first country to develop such passionate games is Japan. Otome Ghost Love Stories is one of the popular games from Hanabi Media Solutions, a game developer company in Japan. The love story between a woman and her ghost best friend makes it intriguing for the gamers.

The virtual world is helping the gamers lessen the stress of the real world. At least till now.

Male Sex Dolls – What’s in it for the women

When women were busy worrying from where to satiate their impending sexual desires, the finest sex dolls manufacturer, Realbotix gave them enough to breathe in relief. Recently the CEO of Realbotix, Matt McMullen had announced his ardent desire to launch a male sex bot in this year. In an interview with the Daily star online, he said: “We’re working on a male version of the robot AI. We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.”

He said that this time around, they are going for more advanced and realistic approach other than the voice and the desiring personality of the male sex dolls. Realbotix are going to launch male dolls with the typical ‘Bionic Penis’, the anatomy which they are claiming to be better than the vibrating dildos. In addition, when Matt was asked about the Penis size, he simply said ‘Sky is the limit’! No restriction in the penile width or length at the most.

The sex toys that came into the market for hormonal simulation weren’t enough for women to satisfy their raging hormones. That is why Dutch sailors invented the first sex doll in seventeenth century. Though the practice was not common around that time, at present time, these dolls are really a relief.

Sinthetics, a LA based sex doll manufacturer has recently added the domain of male sex dolls in their list of products. Gabriel, one of the famous creations of the company has become famous in LA after Karley Sciortino, a sex columnist for the Vogue and Vice released a documentary with him. In the 20 minute long ‘slutever’ video, she had covered the making of the first male sex doll. However, the main intriguing interest of the viewers lies in the last 8 minutes of the video where she had been found straddling Gabriel’s lap and getting intimate with the sex doll.

However, Cindy Gallop, founder of Makelovenotporn had mentioned in one of her interview that Realbotix’s to be launched male sex doll cannot provide a mindblowing orgasmic climax to the women with just a long penis fitted into a human- shaped hump machine. This claim of her was the perfect counter attack of Matt McMullen’s statement, “plug the robot in as long as you want”.

Having innate resemblance to a real life male partner with the sharp physique and hard and sturdy abs, these male dolls are becoming popular amongst women from different cultures and regions. The art of these dolls reveals a man in complete sense; the only difference is the striking absence of the pumping organ, heart. With the principle anatomies in its correct places, these are becoming a replacement of the ex’s and a companion for the single women.

Even some of the manufacturing units of USA are saying that with increasing developments in the anatomy and the physique of the male sex dolls, they might soon replace the real life male partners in the women’s life.


Why A Valentine’s Day Kiss Could Land You Into Deep Trouble?

Is it really necessary to refrain from kissing someone who you love more than anything else on Valentine’s Day? In fact, the day is all about expressing your love and feeling for one-another. Everybody wishes to kiss his or her partner on this day. With Valentine’s Day just a few months away from us let us first analyze the possible reasons why kissing is strict no-no without doctor’s confirmation.

Following the Valentine’s Day celebration, there is almost sudden splurge in serious diseases. These not just include big ones like STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) and Syphilis, but several other diseases too.

Kissing your loved one without adequate protection can even land you at ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at hospital. Well, the writer doesn’t have any intention to scare you about your love life but just to put things in perspective and how to avoid catching kiss-related diseases.

Top 5 Serious Diseases That Spread Via Kiss

1) Gingivitis: This disease is mainly caused due to spit, but when you are kissing somebody you won’t have any control over yourself. Suppose you are kissing your partner and he is already having gingivitis bacteria, then there is every possibility that you may also get infected.

In French kiss, some more oral organs are involved – through which such bacteria may invade your body. A red and painful gum is the first symptom of gingivitis but again don’t panic without doctor’s confirmation.

 2) Herpes: It is another serious disease that can infect you after having some cozy romantic sessions with your partner. So what? Around fifty per cent of the world populace is affected due to herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) in one form or another. If you kiss somebody having cut or infected lesion in their mouth, then it’s quite natural that you may also catch the disease. If either you or your partner have a lesion – it’s better to stop kissing and get yourself medically examined.

3) Syphilis: The virus of Syphilis could easily transmit to another person’s body when you kiss each other. Though sexual contacts are viewed as the common reason to catch Syphilis – that doesn’t mean you take kissing easy. If you have developed such types of sore then you must get it medically examined without any delay. A certain dosage of doctor-recommended Antibiotics could be really helpful in such cases.

 4) Meningitis: There is no guarantee that mere kissing can cause you meningitis. But it’s true that if your partner is suffering from it and you come in direct contact with him, then it might invade your body too. No kissing or physical contact is recommended under such a scenario.

5) Mononucleosis Infection: It is the nagging disease that any person can catch after kissing his or her partner. This virus is easily transmissible by way of kissing. Sore throat, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes are the symptoms of this disease. With adequate bed rest, plenty of fluids and nutritious food you can easily cure this disease.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t take any risk. First get yourself and your partner checked from a qualified doctor and be confirmed that you two are carrying no virus or bacteria inside your bodies.  Then definitely, both of you can plunge into kissing and even spending a night together.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Men on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is of utmost importance to celebrate the presence of love in your life. While women particularly give thorough attention to their tresses, attire and footwear, men simply ignore all rules of what you call making an astute fashion statement.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t spoil your look with a nice outfit and improper hair style. You must realize that unless your style statement complements your hair do, it’s useless to imagine yourself of wooing your soulmate. Girls do like to see their men sporting stylish hairdos on Valentine’s Day. Therefore give some time to your hair as well. They also want to look good on such an important day like the Valentine’s Day.

Bun: While many people consider bun as an inappropriate hairstyle for men, it can actually give you a quirky look on Valentine’s Day. It’s also ultra stylish when you add a stylish ‘men’s tops’ on ears with a wristband. But a word of caution for those who wish to sport Bun look, please make sure that you hair is long. Also it should be tied gently without making extra pressure on your scalps. If you could grow a French beard and thick moustache then it’s more awesome.

Pompadour: It’s a very unique hairstyle which helps you have short hair on the back and sides while long hair on top. It means you are having thicker texture of hair in the front while lesser hair at the back.

Side Parting: It’s simple yet rocking hair do for men. Just comb your hair and divide your hair into two parts. Let one side of the hair fall on your left side and the other half on your right side.

Caesar: Well, not all men are that much sincere and dedicated towards their hair. Caesar hair style is apt for men who are messy and always in a hurry. If you don’t have that much time to look after your hair before Valentine’s Day celebration with your partner then opt for this stylish hair look. Keep your hair trimmed and style as per your wish. You can give it a spike look as well.

Textured Hair Style: On Valentine’s Day, don’t woo your partner with just a simple hair do. Add some twist to your hair. Textured hair style means your top portion should be little messy with curls and waves while keeping your sides down. You may also prefer ruffled hair to add some extra amount of exuberance on Valentine’s Day.

Even with a slight knowledge of hair styling we can definitely revamp our look from a style geek to a dapper. With just a few months to go before Valentine’s Day make it your habit to sport a proper and suitable hair do for yourself. If you maintain this look for a few months more then you can easily be able to get a cool hair style. So, what are you waiting for? Go and style your hair according to your look. This way you justify your style statement with whatever outfit you wear.



Planning a Valentine’s Day Wedding; Ideas & Tips

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it is to be getting married on Valentine’s Day, when the entire world dips in the ecstatic world of love? Believe it or not, it is really awesome to plan your wedding on this day. However, due to one reason or another many people prefer not to marry on this day.

It seems that people often fall short of ideas to have a grand Valentine’s Day wedding. Candidly speaking, a marriage itself epitomizes the relevance of love in one’s life; hence it is absolutely fantastic to get married on this day. Take a look at some of these elegant ways to make your marriage on Valentine’s Day a special one.

Dazzling Decoration: On Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy decorating your house as per your own wish or else you will have to accept the décor at community halls and hotels. I would rather suggest you to decorate your house with newest ideas on this day and enjoy your marriage in presence of all your family members.

Gifts and Sweets: On Valentine’s day, when the marriage ritual is complete don’t forget to give your relatives with a box of sweets as a token of love. So that when they go home they go with full satisfaction. Giving sweets symbolizes your love for them and in return they will shower you with lots of blessings for a happy married life.

Marrying Your Beloved One: Nothing is greater than marrying the person who you love so much. It could be really a wonderful occasion to celebrate your wedding day and Valentine’s Day together in the lap of each other.

Choice of Cake: For a bigger celebration, don’t go with normal cakes, but choose red velvet cake in heart shaped for its delicious taste and intrinsic look. It tastes awesome and manifests the essence of love.

Candlelit dinner: You can definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day as your marriage day, but having a candlelit dinner on this day makes the occasion even more precious and everlasting. Following the marriage, just hold his hand and go to a well-decorated room for an exuberant candlelit dinner.

A memorable marriage anniversary: Many often, spouse forgets their marriage anniversary, but when you are getting married on valentine’s Day, your marriage  anniversary will become easier to remember in the following years.

Play the Music: When you are organizing a marriage on Valentine’s Day at your home obviously you get greater choice to play the romantic music or songs of your choice and of the choice of your partner. The sweet, mushy and cozy music all around your room makes your marriage event more memorable – a perfect occasion to getting married.

Kiss Each Other: On Valentine’s Day, Kiss each other after the marriage not as a romantic partner but as a life partner instead. Enjoy the elation of marrying the person whom you love so much and gave so many gifts on previous Valentine’s Day & now on this very day you two are getting married!