Skin Bacteria to Prevent Cancer in Future

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Many people may find it strange, but skin bacteria could be your first force of defense against deadly cancers. Of late, Richard Gallo, professor at University of California San Diego in the US, has confirmed that the skin layering called of Staphylococcus epidermidis found on human skin inhibit the growth of cancerous cells inside human body. The bacteria release a chemical “6-N-hydroxyaminopurine (6-HAP)” that kill several type of cancerous cells inside the skin itself.

The Skin microbiome (bacteria) produce antimicrobial peptides that is capable of fighting against pathogenic bacteria. Similarly, 6-HAP can be used to prevent cancer and inhibit the further growth of cancerous cells inside the skin. In the United States, around 1 million skin cancer cases are reported with most of them around 94% of the same relate to non-melanoma skin cancer. This type of cancer happen due to overexposure of skin to the UV rays emanating from sunlight.

A team of scientists discovered the S. epidermidis strain that creates 6-N-hydroxyaminopurine (6-HAP) compound. It is well known that 6-HAP is a biological molecule preventing the spread of transformed tumor cells leading to lower chance of developing skin tumors in humans.

Research Study Conducted on Mice is Successful

A research on mice disclosed that intravenous injections (IV) of 6-HAP every 48 hours over 15 days lead to no toxic effects. However, when the same diffused with melanoma cells in mice, the size of the tumor reduced by 50 %.

There is increasing evidence that the skin microbiome is an important element of human health. In fact, we previously reported that some bacteria on our skin produce antimicrobial peptides that defend against pathogenic bacteria such as, Staph aureus. In the case of S. epidermidis, it appears to also be adding a layer of protection against some forms of cancer, said Gallo, spearheading the research on this subject.

Another team of experts conducted their experiments on the possible relation between skin bacteria and cancer at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Their molecular research on Staphylococcus epidermidisproduce again confirmed that the bacteria do prevent skin cancer in reality. As many as around 9000 people die every year in the US due to skin cancer. Such research will be extremely vital towards protecting these precious lives on time.

The American Academy of Dermatology, cautioned that around 20% of the Americans are likely to develop some sort of skin problems including growth of cancerous cells at one point in time in their lives. It happens due to over exposure of the skin to UV rays of sunlight alongside the humongous amount of toxic environment in the US. These research studies will definitely throw more light on how to prevent the Americans from falling prey to deadly Cancers.

The Research is Underway to Discover More on this Subject

The auto-produce of skin bacteria that are capable of producing specialized chemicals actually immunizes the patients and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. Strangely enough, these chemicals are not poisonous for human skin at all.

Dr. Gallo pointed out that more study on this interesting development is underway and some more breakthrough can be expected in the next few days. Now, the focus is to know the formation of 6-HAP and then determine if a reduction in the chemical could invite skin cancer risk or any quantity of the chemical produced inside skin is all-effective to prevent skin melanoma.


From Emotional Intelligence towards Artificial EI

The most poignant thought that goes through the minds of people is mostly related to their decision. Now, suppose, if your smartphone comes to your help then will it not be a wonderful thing to explore? No, I am not making any wild guesses here. In fact, the time has come when we will soon see how devices will help us in our decision making.

In its simplest sense, emotional intelligence helps one see the real face of emotion and regulate the same depending upon circumstances while AI refers to specialized technology that helps humans perform certain tasks with more diligence and efficiency. Emotional Artificial Intelligence is a combination of these two things helping a person makes right decision using integrated EAI in his devices.

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The Gartner Research has astutely made observation how the days of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) are coming soon. By 2022, most of the smart devices and equipment will be able to communicate with us while analyzing our emotional stress and frame of mind.

Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Artificial Intelligence

We already have plenty of AI interfaces including Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and others. However, the world is now making a giant leap forward in another branch of AI – Emotional AI. The latter will allow a smartphone with a voice facility and camera to detect the user’s mood and emotional state as well.

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The AI-driven technology in sync with the device will help the machine know the emotional context of the user to give actual and meaningful feedback relevant to user’s future decision making capacity. The unlocking of smartphones using face recognition system as pass key is also an AI technique. Emotional Ai will find options to analyse, process and respond to users’ emotional moods and stress as well.

Emotional AI could be of massive help to business men. It can help salespersons realize whether a customer is interested in buying a product or just doing window shopping? It is possible as the device will be able to read the minds of the customers through Emotional AI.

What Does Emotional AI Can Measure?

Emotional AI can easily detect and trace the state of emotions inside our mind. It can literally measure happiness, jealousy, love, anxiousness, disgust, fear, sadness and angriness by way of our facial expressions and voice. Gradually, the stage is set for Emotional AI to take the baton and make humans’ lives less complicated and more accessible.

Various educational software are also being launched that could easily asses the difficulty level of student’s homework and could simplify their tasks. Emotional AI will be also vital in offering direct feedback to business concerns so that they could tweak their business strategies accordingly. With more and more penetration of emotional AI in our lives, data and device security needs to tighten too. Once a hacker remotely gets such data then he can easily read the mind of the victim knowing his likes, dislikes and even bank account details as well.

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According to one statistics, around 50% of consumers use AI-powered devices or technology in one way or other for their daily uses. Wristbands are already widely being used as a stress monitor. A wristband is perfect to predict seizure, stroke, epilepsy and other diseases through its automatic robotic mechanisms. Such devices also alert the user of any inactivity for long hours and may suggest some walking or mild exercises to stay fit.


The Power of Positivity

Every one of us knows the importance of Positivity and how it could transform our lives. But remains to be discovered are its scientific explanations. A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto conducted a very important experiment where he tried to demonstrate how positive words affect our lives for good.

The documentary video is available online. Emote did intense research on the molecular science of water. He was a great believer of spirituality too. His frequent experiments with water often drew flak from his fellow colleagues and other scientists as well. Dr. Emoto tried to divide water into glasses and exposing the same to words, music and pictures.

How Did Emoto Conduct His Experiment?

Emoto would freeze the water and observed its results carefully. And soon he found that the water structure mainly depended on its outer layering. It can be better illustrated with an example; Once he exposed water to classical music, and another to heavy metal music for equal hours.

After a relapse of the certain hours, the scientist observed that the water that was exposed to the harmonious and classical music, the molecules of the same depicted balanced snowflakes, while the water that was exposed to heavy metal music transformed to polluted water with no shapes.

Emoto’s I Love You Experiment

Then Emoto experimented with I Love You Placard. He took two jars and pasted ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Hate You’ as outer labels on both of these. After 2-3 days, he observed that water in the jar having ‘I Love You’ label had the water in organized shape and symmetrical crystals while the water in ‘I hate you’ jar got filled with polluted molecules.

Masaro Emoto

Image source: youtube

Certainly, it was the intangible power of positivity that was making difference. Now, just think if ‘Power of Positivity’ can bring so much change in water jar then how it could transform human lives for good.

What Masaru Emoto Believed In

Apart from analyzing the positive impacts of events and substances in human lives, the scientist also found water from various sources or streams will have different molecular structures. You can easily trace the differences of water crystals through these pictures and photographs of Emoto.

Definitely, crystals of water looked quite different when exposed to different form of music. Water results differently in different situations. Play Mozart’s soothing music, the water will react in a different way and play hard metal the water will behave more aggressively.

The Hidden Connotation of Emoto’s Evocative Experiments

  • Stay around positive people.
  • Exposing yourself to positive people and words could do wonder in your life.
  • Negative people will undermine your positive thoughts and fill your mind with negative feelings and hatred.
  • Humans are by nature adaptable to changes around them.
  • We should spread positive messages around us.
  • Don’t use harsh words towards anyone as it may prompt you to use such words more frequently.

Try to speak more positive words in life such as thank you, welcome, sorry, like, love and others. Also, never miss an opportunity to appreciate others for their accomplishments using complimentary words.

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Finally, stay positive be thankful to God for witnessing a bright new dawn of today. Gradually, this feeling of joy will beget love and happiness all around bringing smiles to the faces of your near and dear ones as well as strangers.


Water Crystals

A Computer that Beats Super-Computers

What American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman in 1982 conceived about Quantum Computer is about to meet its culmination soon. Quantum computer is set to transcend everyone and everything with its astonishing high speed in the near future.

Literally, it is the only computer that has the capability to beat super computers. IT giant IBM has already started working on it and made it worked on IBM Cloud so that any user can take advantage of the same using desktop or smartphones.

Computers quantum

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This computer can be literally called Qubit computer. Quantum computers are completely different from the rest. They have different software too called QISKIT (Quantum Software Development Kit) for its operation. IBM sources has pointed out that such is the capacity of IBM’s 5-Qubit computer that it can even simulate substances like Hydrogen or other gas.

Giant Leap in Quantum Computing

A Quantum computer allows two qubits to compute four states (00, 01, 10 or 11) at the same time because of its highly developed software. Anyone working on such computers can definitely feel the difference. Around two million different live experiments have already been conducted until now by the IBM R&D team. Quantum computer is set to redefine the entire process of SEO, AI, Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) amongst other things.

Other IT majors like Samsung, JP Morgan Chase and Co. and Daimler AG have also joined hands with IBM for further research on Quantum Computing. Scientists are of the view that Quantum Computer will not only work faster than supercomputers of previous generation but it will also help human brains to learn the art of solving bigger mathematical problems at one go. Amidst all speculations, it is necessary to reveal that Quantum Computer won’t replace normal computers in the days ahead.

Latest Research Activities On Quantum Computers

  • China is building an exclusive research center for quantum applications. Also, The National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences is being developed to be opened in the next couple of years.
  • Chinese quantum satellite successfully processed communication from space to ground over a distance of 1200 km or more.
  • Princeton University Scientists have developed a rice-grain-sized laser passing through artificial atoms also called quantum dots. So, quantum computer is relevant to semiconductor materials too.
  • Intel is also proactively developing quantum chips to make sure that future quantum computers work efficaciously through these chips. It has incorporated its spin qubits on its 300 mm process technology.
Cloud computing Quantum computers

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Some Salient Points About Quantum Computers

  • These equipments will be highly sensitive to outer atmosphere.
  • Quantum computers will have to be kept in rooms where temperature is zero.
  • Standard consumption of electricity by a quantum computer to cool down will be around 10 to 15 Kws of power.
  • The main challenge is to integrate more and more qubits to silicon chips. Qubits enhance the amount of heat radiation that such computers will emit, but these qubits are necessary let the system work well.

The Conclusion

Quantum computing will basically work on the principles of quantum physics. IBM is specifically designing quantum computer for people at large. The company has started researching on quantum computing as early as 1972. IBM uses superconducting to make sure that electromagnetic energy moving clockwise and anticlockwise make up a qubit in no time.

Image source: newsweek

The aim of IBM scientist is to let quantum computer operate with 50 to 100 Qubits and it could be a gigantic leap forward in the world of technology and computers. A quantum computer can do a humongous amount of calculations within a fraction of second. However, it is more suitable for big data analyses. Smaller the problems and algorithms to solve, more time it will take to complete the same.

Another Reason to Be a Vegetarian in India

In a mystic land of India, around 60% of the people prefer vegetarian dishes over non-vegetarian food. While we Indians attach utmost sentiments to our culture, ritual and past eating habits, gen next are at full liberty to choose their life at their own wishes.

Today, certain section of the people eats vegetarian food while the rest chooses non-vegetarian dishes as their staple food menu for luncheon and dinner. But for all non-vegetarians out there, some harsh reality is there to encounter with. A recent report published by Guardian revealed that the Chickens raised here for food are dosed with the toughest and strongest antibiotics.

Once the news got viral now the health conscious people in India are in a dilemma on whether to continue their non-vegetarian eating habits or shift to totally vegetarian dishes?

Pic source: Quora

In India, Chickens and goats for food are never thoroughly inspected. Chickens and goats are often injected with hardest of antibiotics that raising some serious concerns over their possible impact on human health. Injecting heavy doses of antibiotics to chickens is not new. These things are incessantly happening for the last few years together as poultry owners want their chicks to look healthy and fresh 24x7x365.

Bad News for Chicken Lovers

Eating these chickens regularly will definitely hamper our digestive capacity and nullifying the utility of these antibiotics in the long run. With regular consumption of these chickens, residual substance of the injected antibiotics gets absorbed in our veins making our bodies more resistant to antibiotics in future.

A Study by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that tones and tones of Colistin (strongest antibiotic) are shipped to India for the routine checkup of birds and animals, especially chickens. Poultry owners even without proper checkup under medical supervision, inject these antibiotics to birds even when they don’t need it.

Chickens and muttons available in the market are often impure because these creatures are injected with unnecessary amount of antibiotics and other medical substances which is totally uncalled for. Just to let these creatures look healthy and strong, their owners never routinely torture them with antibiotic abuse.

Health Risks Associated with Non-Vegetarian Foods

  • Saturated fat and cholesterol are in abundance in non-vegetarian foods than vegetarian ones.
  • Useful substances like Phytochemicals (plant chemicals) can be found in vegetables and fruits only.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits keep our Blood pressure under control. Contrarily, meats and chickens raise our BP level.
  • People who tend to eat non-vegetarian dishes daily, face more chances of cardiac problems than vegetarians.
  • High fiber whole grains, grams and legumes are more stomach friendly than chicken and mutton.
  • The prevalence of cancer among non-vegetarian people is more common than pure vegetarians.

Pic courtesy: NSSO

The Conclusion

Finally, since childhood we are hearing the couplet that ‘an apple a day keeps doctors away’. So, definitely, rather than eating non-vegetarian dishes day in and day out, we should never underestimate the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Image source: i guim

Fresh green vegetables like broccoli, Chinese cabbage, collards, and spinach provide us with all the goodness of calcium and proteins far more than non-vegetarian stuff. These vegetables are lower in calories too. So, definitely, fresh fruits and leafy vegetables are always better option than chickens and muttons at any time of the day.