What Made Sir Albert Einstein a True Genius in Reality?

Einstein albert

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The great physicist, Sir Albert Einstein was a true genius. The Nobel laureate discovered several iconic theories including the great theory of relativity and photogenic effects. This paved the way for several other inventions in the years that followed. But what made him so? Did his intellectual capacity related to the structure inside his mind?

Einstein’s brain has been a matter of study for several researchers. They studied several images of Einstein’s brain that found extra folds and convolutions inside his mind responsible for his outstanding intellectual abilities.

In 1955, following the death of Albert Einstein, his family members donated the brain for further scientific study by lab. Harvey, the researcher, studied 240 blocks of Einstein’s brain.

The Nobel Prize winning scientist’s brain has a greater density of neurons higher than the normal level. Einstein’s brain cells transmitted nerve impulses to neurons at a faster rate. His parietal lobes were directly responsible for his incredible ability to conceptualize physics problems.

Research Study on Albert Einstein’s Brain

In 2010, the entire research materials on the great scientist’s brain were transferred to US Army’s National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM) in Maryland, US. In the following years, several other scientists also did an extensive study on Einstein’s brain.

Researchers have come to a unanimous finding that Einstein’s grey matter weighed 1.2 kg but features of regular convolutions and folds were not there. Falk, one of such researchers, claimed that the enlarged regions linked to the face and tongue, related to Einstein’s famous quote that his thinking was often “muscular” rather than in words.

Albert Galaburda, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, says “some combination of a special brain and the environment he lived in made him a true genius”. Einstein’s parents also played a key role towards making him a legend. They were very nurturing, and encouraged him to become independent and creative with a scientific temper of mind.

Albert Einstein: The True Legend, No Doubt

Einstein invented the famous concept of E=mc² and the Theory of Relativity. He also played violin like an expert musician. However, he couldn’t perform well at studies and routine examination for which he appeared at multiple times before getting a degree.

In a nutshell, Einstein’s brain wasn’t similar to other humans. It appeared different from an average human’s grey matter. His outstanding accomplishment and ability to study humongous amount of scientific data was possible due to a difference in his brain’s composition and structure called the Corpus Callosum.

Albert Eisntein

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The full research study on it is titled, “The Corpus Callosum of Albert Einstein’s Brain: Another Clue to His High Intelligence was published in a scientific journal a few years back. It came to the conclusion that the left and right hemispheres of Einstein’s brain were atypical and had enhanced coordination between them.

This internal connectivity of Einstein’s corpus callosum made him a legend in its truest sense. The scientists claimed it was responsible behind Einstein’s supreme Intellectual capabilities and skills to a gigantic level.

Ideas for Creating Meaningful Video Games & It’s Significance

Games Video

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In the current digital era, what we lack is the conscience. Since childhood, kids get to see lots of negative and unethical things. In fact, in several cases, they are forced to engage in sports that teach them wrong things in an attractive way.

Video games top the chart for kids’ favorite pastime, but are they safe to play? No. Constantly engaging in such games makes a person more aggressive and depressed.

Be it the famous car racing video games or any other games on Playstation and Xbox, these games teach unethical and illegal things more than letting the user learn some useful life lessons.

What Do Adventurous Video Games Teach?

Frankly, nothing! Such games only encourage the users to take part in illegal activities including rash driving or hit and run. In real life, every person should obey the law of the land irrespective of wherever he or she resides. Contrarily to what we see in those adventurous car races, a driver indulging in any hit and run should surrender himself/herself before the law at the earliest. There are several other examples too how video games make a person more aggressive than ever.

The recent study on video games suggests that 90% of the children play Video games in the US. The figure goes higher to around 97% when the age of children is within the range of 12 to 17. Some of these violent games include Manhunt, Gears of War, Jail Break and others. Even in simpler video games like Pokemon Go and Ben 10, some elements of violence are still there.

Game For Change: A Nice Initiative

The “Games for Change” a not-for-profit organization that hosts the annual games for change festival is spearheading the campaign for popularizing social games among children and kids. The site has now more than 1.3 million user base worldwide.

These games aim at imparting human values and humanitarian efforts rather than promoting the typical “bullet for bullet” – a violent concept surrounding the world of 3D adventurous games.

This Game for Change organisation now offers more than 130+ useful social games for children and adults on its website. The figure is likely to go up in the coming days. We need such organizations to come forward worldwide supporting the cause of promoting good behavior in children by inculcating them good values through life-enriching video games.

When Video Games Make a Person Murderer

A person doesn’t become a killer at once. It depends upon his mental and psychological conditions and the environment he/she lives in. The recent shootout incident in Munich last year made an interesting collaboration between violent video games and the perpetrators who killed 9 innocent people for no reasons at all!

Video Games

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The assailant, an 18-year-old man was the first time offender and a big fan of the video games that involve mass shooting. Such video games do inflict negative impacts in the minds of the users. The American Psychological Association admitted to the fact that violent video games encourage aggressive behavior and makes gamers more antisocial and less empathic.

Towards a New Beginning

#1) Creation of new video games where gamers will save people, and not kill them.

#2) Video games should be informative and insightful in nature.

#3) Parents should unitedly boycott any video game that promote violence and aggression.

#4) Children should play outdoor games more than video games.

#5)  Parents should keep a close look at how many hours children indulging video games. Not more than 2 hours a day should be allowed.  

If we really wish to prevent aggressive and unlawful behavior in our future generation, then the entire world should endorse video games that give positive messages and encourage ethical and humane behavior in the people.

Top 5 Smartphones Trending in 2017

In the last few years, smartphones have an become indispensable part of our lives. From a child to old-age people, everyone needs smartphones and tablets these days. Smartphones also serve the purpose as of a digital camera and a PC as well to some extent.

The year 2017 has been an interesting one as far the launch of new and exciting range of mobiles smartphones is concerned. Most of the brands have launched their best smartphones this year. Be it Samsung, ZTE or iPhone, each brand invests heavily in smartphone and tablets. Their main focus is to provide maximum features and benefits to customers at relatively lesser costs.

Here are the top 5 Smartphones that are widely trending in 2017.

#5) Asus Zenfone 3S Max: This astounding smartphone from the house of Asus is brilliant. With powerful 5000mAh battery and the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, this is the ultimate phone that anyone would like to buy for multipurpose uses.

It comes with 5.2-inch screen size, and 1 Ghz octa-core processor. It also has 32-GB internal memory with 13-MP rear camera and 8 MP (megapixel) front camera. It is a 4G/ LTE handset perfect for your daily use.

#4)  Opp A57: This smartphone is gaining a huge popularity for being an apt device to click those pout selfies in high resolutions and quality. The device comes in 5.2-inch HD LCD display with an inbuilt Android  6.0 Marshallow OS. The device runs on Octa-core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon offering fast-processing speed and uninterrupted net connectivity.

The smartphone has 32-GB of internal storeage and is expandable up to a whopping 256 GB via microSD card. Oppo A57 is perfect for those who love taking selfies frequently. It has 16-megapixel front camera and 13-megapixel rear camera as well.

#3) Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: It was Xiaomi’s much anticipated smartphones and got worldwide release earlier this year. It comes with 32-GB ROM and in unique 151 x 76 x 8.3mm dimensions. This attractive smartphone operates on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS with full 5.5-inch screen size couple with full-HD resolution.

Redmi Note 4 has 13-megapixel CMOS sensor in rear camera while 5-MP CMOS in its front snapper. It offers superior picture quality and processes the internet data at a relatively higher speed. The smartphone also comes with 77-degree wide angle lens and has LED flash options as well.

#2) Motorola Moto G5 Plus: Motorola teased its Moto G5 plus earlier this year before releasing it for public at many places across the globe. The device comes with 4GB RAM + 32 GB internal storage facility as well. Higher RAM ensures faster download and uploading of files.

Moto G5 plus has 12-megapixel rear camera with LED flash option as well. It has 5-MP front-camera facility as well to snap those selfies and share with your friends. Motorola Moto G5 Plus comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels with Gorilla Glass 3 protection for extra layering of safety from accidental breakage.

#1) Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: iPhone 7and iPhone 7 plus have a single difference that is their screen size. iPhone 7 has 4.4-inch screen size while iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen size. Both versions have similar durability, reliability, features and functionality. Interestingly, Apple iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus comes with multiple network supports starting from GSM, CDMA, HSPA to LTE. The handset weighs just 188-gram only.

The device also comes with Quad-core processor with 2.34 GHz CPU speed. The device has an internal storage up to 256 GB as well. The battery backup is excellent with 2900 mAh capacity. These features make it a numero uno choice among the smartphone users.

No doubt, when it comes to high-quality features and astounding processing speed, iPhone 7/7+ still rules the roost. It’s an amazing, sublime and spectacular smartphone for regular use with high level of durability too.


Must Read: Why is Sunlight Good for Health?

Sunlight benefits

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Sunlight has often been associated with the skin cancer. But current research shows something else. Professor Michael Holick of Boston University School of medicine has said that sunlight is essential and good for health as it makes our bones healthy and is also a rich source of calcium too. It protects humans from serious and lethal diseases such as osteoporosis, type II diabetes and even cancers too.

On an average, 10 minutes of sunlight a day is good for our immune system and human body as a whole. Sunlight also cheers up our mood by balancing the level of hormone inside us. Waking up early in the morning and a few minutes of jogging and exercise is a sheer bliss of life.

10 Benefits of Sunlight We Don’t Know

#10) Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D and other minerals inside human body. The UK has higher number of casualties due to heart ailments in winter than in summer. Dr Holick explained that sunlight reduces the level of high BP and thus reduces the chance of a sudden heart failure too.

#9) Only a few people know that sunlight is capable of even preventing type 2 diabetes too. A study conducted in Finland has found that deficiency in Vitamin D in children and young adults contribute to greater chance of catching Diabetes.

#8) The serious neurological disorder like the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) directly affects our Central Nervous System leading to tremors and paralysis. However, scientists have now found a direct link between MS and sunlight. Higher you have exposure to sunlight, lesser is the chance of developing MS in your later life.

#7) Enjoying a few calm and relaxing moment under sunlight on beaches could be a good way to warm your body muscles and let boost the flow of blood circulation inside body and relives your aches and other body pains.

#6) The study conducted by the US National Cancer Institute has found that people who spend greater amount of time under the sunlight have lesser risk of developing certain cancers like breast, prostate, bladder, and stomach cancers.

#5) Nearly one in five women suffer from their Menstrual Cycle problems and other ovary-related diseases. They can alleviate such problems by intake of more sunlight and Vitamin D related substances. It reduces the fertility related problems too.

#4) Sunlight is a rich source of producing White Blood Cells (WBC) that helps you fight infections and bacteria.

#3) Spending mornings in the bright sunlight is the best way to reduce your weight, though very lesser people know about it. Sunlight helps lowering the body mass index to keep you in shape without consuming those fat pills or engaging in troublesome exercises.

benefits of sunlight

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#2) Sunlight promotes hair growth in a natural way without putting too much strain on your hair or adding too many shampoos and oil. A few minutes of sunlight on the hair boost the epithelial cells. But don’t overdo it.

#1) Sunlight protects you from arthritis. The disease is itself a very nagging and irritating one as the patient suffering from arthritis tends to find it difficult to walk and do his or her regular stuff. Sunlight and Vitamin D help one reduce the risk of developing arthritis as it affects the bone. Sunlight does strengthen our bones.

You no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of sunlight unless you are over exposing yourself in the sun. Ideally, spending five to 10 minutes under the sun in the early morning every day is good for health.

Are animals superior to humans?


Animals and humans have coexisted in nature through millions of years. From the cocker spaniel in your neighbourhood to the wild boar in the marshy Amazon rainforest, animals form a significant part of the ecosystem. How this cohabitation has existed for so many years, despite the differences, is a matter of wonder.

The five big cats – lions, tigers, jaguars, leopard, and snow leopard – collectively called the Panthera genus, along with cheetah and puma have always been feared and admired in equal measures. The agile predators have defied humans for long with the latter left with no choice but to not interfere with the wild.

Leopards have had a historical conflict with India with two haunting cases of man-eating. The leopard of Rudraprayag killed 125 people, while the Panar leopard killed 400. Both were, in turn, killed by Jim Corbett, the British-Indian hunter and conservationist, whose ‘Man-eaters of Kumaon’ became a famous record of his experiences with the beasts.

Animals have the anatomy to survive the wild, their physical attributes overpower humans’ in a lot of ways. The echolocation of bats in complete darkness, wherein they emit ultrasonic sounds which echo and let them know about their immediate surroundings; the physical mass of elephants and rhinoceros, snakes that take flight or lizards that can walk on water, the dexterity and predatory nature of wild animals are astonishing and unnerving.

Humans have limitations to what they can achieve with their physiognomy, and to counter that they have built things externally. Because they could not travel 800kms for food like bats, humans shaped alternative modes of transportation – a lack of speed or the ability to fly were compensated by bullet trains and jet airplanes.

Earlier our ancestors had better physical strength, much like apes and chimps. That has been replaced by a much evolved human brain and, in turn, weak muscles. Our physical strength does not match up to most of the tame animals, even. To counter that humans make use of the brain, whose size is one of the largest among all species. While humans do not have a fur like shield to protect the skin from extreme weathers, clothes can alter that.

Left with just themselves in the wilderness, humans, devoid of any exceptional physical strength to protect them, would rely on the brain. This is what happened millions of years ago when the early humans made weapons by attaching stones to sticks, or to counter extreme weather, used animal fur or foliage. The human mind is the single most important thing that has carried forward the species, coexisting with some of the most ferocious animals in existence.

A flipside to this is speciesism, a belief that humans are superior to any other species, thus leading to widespread exploitation of animals. Because humans can now alter their environment with machines, they also exploit it through deforestation, pollution, global warming – making it unfit, if not extremely dangerous, for other animals as well. Hunting and poaching of animals has driven them into extinction.

Are humans then a separate species, reveling in and blinded by their own achievements, or are they a part of a whole, a balanced ecological setup? Humans may feel they are self-sufficient but they do need the presence of animals to survive. The dairy that comes from farm animals, to the honey produced by the bees – humans rely on animals for food. They are also important in farming practices, and have been used for transportation and hunting expeditions. The agility of horses and the companionship of dogs and wolves have helped the humans through centuries. Animals might survive without humans, but the reverse is not quite true.