Is 2000 INR New Note Usable in Today’s Crunched Economy



Following the Indian government’s bold step to demonetize the old notes of 500 and 1000 INR, it was expected that the government and concerned authority must have some ready solution to tackle the cash chaos. But even after three weeks of the decision, the situation is still problematic as people still stand in queues and thronging from one ATM to another in search of liquid cash.

Some get succeeded to withdraw money from the machine while some don’t. Amidst the prevailing nationwide cash crunch, the RBI has introduced the new purple colored 2000 INR note on November 10 this … Read more....

Is India’s GDP expected to fall Post Demonetization Scheme?



Before proceeding with the discussion on the short term and long term ramification of Prime Minister Modi’s demonitisation move to ban 500 and 1000 INR currency notes, we need to understand that India is still a developing economy with most of the transactions take place through liquid cash.

Not all people in India are included in the banking system. Probably that’s the reason why “Jan Dhan Yojna” initiated by the central government saw a whooping participating of such a huge chunk of people.  The government can definitely take a credit for the same, but it also brings India’s stark … Read more....

Business down by 40% – Transportation Afflicted by Demonetisation



Raja Angam (68) has been an auto driver since 1978. “After years of hard-hitting savings I brought an auto in 2010, but because of Ola and Uber I could hardly earn Rs. 500 and now that the government has demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, I have to drive for 16 hours to earn as low as Rs. 300,” he told dismally.

The decision of demonetisation in a speech by PM Narendra Modi on 8th November has afflicted Raja Angam and many alike. From auto rickshaws to pick-up vehicles, demonetization has comprehensively taken a toll on the … Read more....

Choose to Meditate



So what is meditation? Well, it can be a lot of things.

The word meditation has its origin in the Latin word Meditari, which translates to deep thinking and concentration. In short, meditation has everything to do with concentration and focus.

There is no hard way or easy way to meditate. Anybody and everybody can do it. It does not require any set of skills, all you need is to do it. Is that all?

Not exactly!

Meditation, as mentioned before is the art of focusing, which can be really hard for us people who are mostly multitasking. To … Read more....

Another Elderly Man Dies after Standing in Que for Money



A 70 year old man from Eastern Uttar Pradesh district of Azamgarh, died of a heart attack after standing in a queue outside a bank in Maharajganj area.

The old man Ishteyak Ahmad, a retired teacher was standing in a queue when he fell unconscious standing in the queue. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital, he could not be saved.

Only a few days back, a 73 year old man Vishwanath Vartak had collapsed due to a heart attack in Mulund, Mumbai while standing in a queue outside SBI branch. Others in the queue admitted Vartak to … Read more....

Fall of Bernie Sanders: Awakening of a Generation



A guy who made a living on casinos, bankruptcy and firing people on a television, one day claimed that he will get Americans their jobs back by deciding to run for the Presidential election.

He had all the makings of a politician,money, fame and a catch phrase and also a million dollar in merchandize.

On the other hand, another woman was making a headline. She was the matriarch of the most powerful family in America and she had ‘experience’.

From 1986 to 1992, she was a board member of the Wal-Mart, became the first lady of American and eventually … Read more....

How Can We Manipulate our Fundamentals




One of the things that differentiates human beings from other species is our extraordinary capacity to learn. We are always picking up new things and correcting earlier errors.

But there is one area where it seems so hard to acquire new knowledge and change, emotional life.

Its when we are very small children, between our first day and later in adolescence , that our emotional hard drives are encoded. Its in this period we learn whether we can trust, whether we like ourselves, whether we can be open, where blame belongs, what to do when world hurts us, … Read more....

Legalizing Euthanasia in India



Major debate kicked off on legalizing euthanasia in India when Pinki Virani, a Mumbai based journalist, Pinki Virani filed a plea to the Supreme Court of India on January 24, 2011, after 37 years of vegetative state of rape victim Aruna Shanbaug. Although, Aruna had to die from pneumonia, she gave India the gift of passive euthanasia (withdrawal of medical treatment). So, thanks to her and Pinki Virani, who fought the battle for Aruna and in-turn for India.

The biggest question that one must ask here is, whether it should be a right given to an individual to die.… Read more....

Why India Lags Behind in Ease of Doing Business



According to the World Bank, it would take you 14 procedures and a month in Mumbai to start a new company. The World Bank’s latest report on ease of doing business has ranked India at 130 out of 190 countries, a jump of only one spot from the previous year. This, despite numerous efforts taken by the Modi government to improve upcoming businesses through schemes and projects like Make in India, MUDRA, etc.

After the reports came out, on Wednesday, PM Modi asked secretaries at the Centre and Chief secretaries in the state to analyse the World Bank’s Ease … Read more....

Right To Education – Possible Victim of Minority Institutions?


Last time minority institutions in India made headlines was when Allahabad High Court in 2005 ruled out that AMU was not a minority institution and thus getting into a controversy worldwide. After the issue caught limelight when Centre disowned the claim of AMU and JMI being minority institutions for they are funded by the Centre and do not fulfill the criteria of a minority institutions under the guidelines laid down under NCMEI (National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions) Act, which affiliates these institutions.

Now, the debate is no more restricted to few elite institutions, rather the entire system of Minority … Read more....