Top 10 Dangerous Places You Mustn’t Visit in 2017

While planning for a vacation weekend we often end up choosing a risky place that we should have otherwise avoided. So it’s important to not pick choose your destination blindfolded. Be cautious because the world is not that much safer anymore. In the upcoming New Year, you must avoid going to these places.

Every place is beautiful in itself but as far as safety is concerned, people shouldn’t compromise on that front. There are valid reasons why you must avoid these places. Read below to find out why.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Over the last few years, Guatemala has become one of the dangerous nations to go to. Guatemala City is also witnessing constant surge in crime rate with. The city glutted with abject poverty and unemployment, witnessing plenty of Drug violence, gang wars and murders. The murder rate 47.17 per 100,000 people makes this place very risky indeed.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

A city, with a crime rate of 170 per 100,000 people, can’t be safe for tourists or visitors. Crimes like drug trafficking, homicide, robbery cases, social unrest and terrorism are rampant in Honduras making it a deadly place.

Cape Town, South Africa 

Though the city always attracts visitors for its scenic landscapes but this time around all is not well in Cape Town. It is witnessing frequent crimes and social unrest all across the city. Robbery and atrocities against women often bring the nation to spotlight for wrong reason.

Sana’a Yemen

Sana is located around 7500 feet above sea level, and is popular among the tourists. But due to terrorism and political violence it has become a dangerous place now. You are nowhere safe in Sana.

Caracas, Venezuela

Drug wars and conflicts have completely devastated this otherwise beautiful capital city of Venezuela. Robbery and theft are so common here that a large number of tourists are affected due to it every year. 

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico’s relentless fight against drug abuse and trafficking seems to be not getting solved in the immediate future. Ciudad Juarez is one of the country’s most violent cities. Bribing is quite common in this part of the world. Police are specially bribed by drug lords to stay away from legal action against them. 

 Sierra Lone

Apart from rampant sectarian violence and various other crimes, the US has noticed a special advisory to tourists to stay cautious in Sierra Lone not because of its poor medical infrastructure. The country doesn’t have even good and quality hospitals.

Baghdad, Iraq

It is one of the scariest places in the world. Suicide bombing, kidnapping and complete absence of law make it a deadliest place in reality.


The soaring level of gang shootings, forceful religious conversions and suicide bombings is completely devastating the city. Rampant terrorist attacks in the last few years have killed so many innocent lives in Pakistan. With a murder rate of 12.3 per 100,000, Karachi is not a safe vacation choice for New Year holidays.


You never know when a bombing will struck the city of Dhaka. Last year even a funeral procession was marred due to terror attack. In the last few months, a lot of intellectuals have been killed by the extremists. You should strike off Dhaka while planning your holiday weekend.

Top Ten Things You Must Do in 2017

With hectic life-schedule day in and day out, we sometimes need a break to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. What a better time to do the same than the X-mas weekend and ensuing New Year? This New Year is now exactly less than 100-day away from us – let’s do something new and adventurous – which we haven’t tried before.

To begin with, we should do top 10 things in the coming New Year 2017. Believe me, it’s gonna be rocking and mesmerizing. So what are you waiting for? Plan your New Year holiday schedule in advance;

Here are the top 10 things you must do in 2017;

Bungee Jumping and Paraglide: Being adventurous means taking risks and doing things which you haven’t dared before. Why not start your New Year with an extra adventurous activity like bungee Jumping or paraglide. You must do it this year.

Spiritual Tourism: Obviously, when you wish to start your new year on a spiritual note then there can’t anything better than spiritual tourism. The ancient Rome in Italy or even Athens would be perfect for that matter. You will definitely feel blissful to see some of the oldest churches and other religious monuments there. You can even visit a mysterious site like Stonehenge or MachuPicchu for some extra amount of thrill.

Climb a Mountain: Let your soul go for a trekking in the upcoming year. Definitely, if you have a will to do something different then you can definitely do so without a second thought. Climb a mountain in 2017. Howzzat? Indeed it’s really a thrilling experience altogether. You can start with trekking hills first.

Write A Story:  Everyone has a story to tell and share with the world. This upcoming New Year you should try your hands at writing a new story. Yeah I know for any newbie writing is relatively a difficult task but once you start writing you will get the rhythm easily. Who know you might be the next best seller?

Forgive the Wrongdoers: Try to be a little more generous in the upcoming 2017. Simply forgive someone who did wrong to you. By doing so you not only let go your grudge against the wrongdoer, but it also soothes your soul.

Eating your Heart Out: Let this New Year be the unique and amazing one. Simple gorge in delicious ice-creams, burgers or the wine you didn’t taste before or as much as you wanted. In the New Year weekend, do try to eat and taste all those things without thinking about extra calories that might inadvertently enter inside your body via those foods.

Visit Pyramid: It might sound little scary but roaming around the gaza desert in Pyramid could be an astonishing memory to take by. Do it this New Year. Visit Pyramid in Egypt and get spell-bound by the architectural wonder that has created the structure many centuries back.

Adventure in the Forest: Have you ever planned your day out at the dense forest inside Amazon. Don’t wait any more simply pack your bag and necessary items as you indulge in your first ever forest adventure.

Give Shelter to a Homeless: I am quite sure that there is only a handful of people who think that way, but this New year giving a shelter to a destitute and homeless person can be an amazing and satisfying idea altogether.

Planting Trees: We don’t get enough time to think about the environment around us. This New Year, let’s pledge to protect the environment by whichever way we can. And it starts with you. You should plant as many trees as you can.

Top 5 Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day 2017

Give your heart a free flight to a far-off land this Valentine’s Day. Snow clad mountains, cool breeze and the exuberance of love all around – do you need anything else? Obviously, No. It’s the uttermost truth that love is the most priceless treasure in this entire universe.

If you are planning to make this day the most memorable one in your life, then simply choose these ideal romantic places for you and your partner. These cool places are not just perfect for a refreshing weekend, but offers a new and glittering beginning to your romantic life as a couple as well.

Rome, Italy

The best thing about Rome is its ancient and elegant architecture. Wherever you roam around, Rome’s spell binding monuments and historical places are bound to make you fall in love with this Italy’s historic city. The mystic sky, fresh air and Wide street provide you a perfect option to let your heart do all the talk. When you are ready to propose your soulmate, do it in style with a rose in your hands.

Brudges, Belgium

Probably, one of the lesser known cities in Belgium, this small place is on the global map these days for its calm and tranquil atmosphere all around. It is often touted as the couple’s paradise now. Newly married couple and love birds love visiting the place to strengthen their romantic relationship more. Even though the outlook of the city suggests it as a village yet it’s spectacular and enchanting. This Valentine’s Day, fly to Brudges to celebrate the occasion. It’s gonna be soothing, healing and of course a romantic date altogether.

Paris, France

If you wish to visit a place where the feeling of love reaches its peak then don’t ignore Paris. Since ancient times, Paris is known for being the lover’s hub and cupid’s spot. Make your forthcoming Valentine’s Day a life transforming one as you go on to take your love relationship to a new level. Surprise your loved one with an absolutely mesmerizing engagement ring as you put the same on his or her finger on the Valentine’s Day.

Karuizawa, Japan

Considered to be the Japan’s eccentric resort town, Karuizawa, is an absolutely amazing romantic destination. The city is famous for showcasing the natural elegance of Japan. Be it summer, winter, spring or autumn, the joy of watching the nature unfolding before your eyes gives immense happiness especially when your partner is with you. A visit to the place offers a soothing experience altogether. Now, imagine you land here with your soulmate for a romantic date, no doubt, a whiff of fresh unpolluted air and scent of romance will set your mood perfect to celebrate the Valentine’s Day like never before.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is a perfect romantic gateway for you together. This Valentine’s Day, embark on a journey together in Sydney. The vibrant city will make you party hard and loud with your partner standing next to you. He or she will definitely like your cheerful persona. The romantic Harbor Bridge is a perfect spot to exhibit your love towards each other.

What are you waiting for? Visit any of these places this Valentine’s Day and say I Love You to your partner.

Top 10 Habits To Become Successful This New Year

Everybody seems to be confused at this one. Nobody can say with absolute clarity that which is the shortest route to success. However, there are certain unmissable habits that successful people inculcate in their lives. Well, you can always observe these habits in the daily life of successful people.

However, if you think that by merely imitating a lifestyle of a successful person you can easily kiss success then it’s wrong. Every person has different responsibilities and daily schedule. So, the best way forward is to imbibe these good habits in your life this upcoming New Year – the perfect time to initiate a new year with a goal to accomplish.

Be Organized: Well you have grown up enough to organize your life well. The first step towards doing the same is to wake up early, work entire day long and then go to bed early for sleep.

Read lots of Books: Reading is not a pastime. It acquaints the readers with valuable life lessons to take by and follow in their own lives. This New Year, renovate your book shelf and try to read those books which you haven’t read before.

Look After Health: Success is not all about earning a million bucks. You have to look after your health as well. In pursuit of success you can’t take your health for granted. Also you should take care of your family’s health as well. So, eat healthy and stay fit and fine. Try to include healthy food in your diet.

Donation and Charitable Activities: Success looks best when the same is shared with the people. So, when you nurture a dream to achieve success, try to live up to it by donating and helping the poor and destitute people with whatever way you can.

Pick a Target to Accomplish: “A ship without knowing its destination may get lost even if it has the capacity to travel a long distance” – similarly you can’t be successful in life without having that fire in the belly. Pick a goal for yourself and then try to concentrate on it with hard work and determination.

Be Punctual: For every work you undertake try to complete the same on time. Always remember that successful people always do their task timely. They are punctual and maintain punctuality with whatever they do on a daily basis.

Proper Mindset: Nothing in this world can be achieved without being mentally cautious about what you about to do next. To fulfill your aim, you should have right frame of mind to pursue your dream crossing all odds. Hindrance will be on your path but you have to win over them.

Prioritize Your Stuff: It is important that you should prioritize all your upcoming works this new year according to their urgency. Once you prioritize your stuff then you should proceed towards completing them as per the time frame you decided. For example; anything relating to health should be topping your priority chart.

Keep Learning: One thing that you can do continuously throughout your life is to keep learning newer things. And whatever you learn helps you directly or indirectly to become a better person than what you were yesterday.

Smile a Lot: Successful people exude their level of confidence and charisma from time to time. While doing so they never forget to put that radiant smile on their lips. So, if you also wish to grab success then practice it daily and smile a lot.

Start it right away from this New Year onwards. You will be definitely successful in the near future.