Top 5 Cool Apps to Find Your Valentine


Celebrating Valentine’s Day without a partner is almost like celebrating a festival without its quintessential elements. Yes, it is essential that the essence of romance and love is present when you go on to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Forget your previous Valentine’s Day. Make this Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2017, the best ever. However, it is not that much easier either. Sometime, finding a perfect mate takes lifetime. But you don’t need to fret. That’s when the role of dating apps to play.

Over the last few years, various dating apps have made the task of searching mate quite … Read more....

Top Events to unfold on New Year’s Day 2017



New Year 2017 is just a few days away from us. It will be a great idea to look at some of the popular events which will be celebrated in the first month of the upcoming calendar year, so that we can plan our holiday in advance. Though, every city basks in the glory of New Year celebration on 1st January, yet you have to choose the best vacation spot in advance to avoid last minute rush.

New Year is the only festival that people across the world celebrate with full fervour and gaiety. In fact, it has … Read more....

Someone May Be Dying On A New Year’s Eve – Should We Still Celebrate?


The most tragic thing associated with human beings is the unpredictable nature of death. Every human being is a born mortal but what varies is their time of leaving the earth. Coming to New Year’s celebration, nobody wants to miss it out.


We welcome the dawn of 1st January every year in a crazy and frenzied manner. In fact, by way of celebration we express our uttermost joy to thank god for making us alive to witness the day. But at the same time someone may be dying! Will you still celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day?

There … Read more....

Why Some People Are Left-Handed, While Others Right-Handed?

During our childhood days, we often got fascinated that why a few of our friends did most of their daily activities using their left-hands while most of us used our right hands for those stuffs. It seemed to be a bit of mystery during those days, but latest scientific research and studies have unravelled the same.

In our daily life, we often find people using different hands for their day-to-day activities. Some people are well-versed using right hand for varieties of stuff – around 85 per cent of the people dominantly do so. However, there are still around 15 percent Read more....

Five Reasons Why Romantic Gifts are Important for Valentine’s Day


Every year, on 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s Day across the globe. This day we celebrate love – the nectar of life. The day has now almost become synonymous with extravagant gifts and celebrations. Soul-mates love giving each other beautiful and lovely gifts with a hope to retain their long-lasting love. Gifts do make the Valentine’s Day celebration much more romantic enjoyable and blissful.

Many love-birds often think that why exchanging gift is important on this day. There are actually lots of reasons why giving gifts to each other can be really an astonishing idea altogether.  Historically, it … Read more....

Should Singles Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whenever the images of Valentine’s Day come to our minds, the first thing that we think about is love, relationship and our partner. It makes the occasion very depressing for singles who have not found their true love as yet. Agreed, this is the day to celebrate the presence of love in our lives but why can’t we celebrate the day as a single?

The question on whether singles should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not is in itself an ambiguous one. Some love to celebrate the day with their spouse and loved ones, while others equally advocate for the celebration … Read more....

Drinking Water is good for Kidneys – Agree?


Believe it or not. You can actually eliminate many of your health risks by simply taking adequate amount of water every day. You will be surprised to know that drinking at least 8 to 10 litres of water a day keeps kidney problems at bay. Yes, it is true that water is good for kidneys. Even doctors admit this fact. Drinking enough fluids helps us remove toxins out of our body.

Often, the formation of kidney stones take place inside our body without our knowledge. But, we can actually minimize the risk of such stones and prevent their further proliferation … Read more....

Transform Your House into a Smart Home


Over the last few years, technology has made our life simpler. Earlier, we had to carry several devices for different purposes, but smartphones and tablets have now obviated that need. We can now easily use our smartphones for multiple purpose including managing our home appliances through smart home automation system. If it gets your imagination running, let me tell you that it is a reality.

Smart home as a concept is beautiful. It lets you manage all your home appliances and electronic devices in your house from a single place using your smartphone. Smart home automation technology is categorized in … Read more....