“We have nothing to hide” Campaign by Airtel

Airtel has recently launched an online campaign titled “We have nothing to hide.” The advertisement of the campaign on sites such as Youtube shows a video declaring that Airtel will be showing tower and signal status of network in a particular area. The campaign has been launched in India due to the recent hues and cries about network connectivity in the region, and constant complaints by users about call drop issue.airtel

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Latest Android Version of Snapchat Not Clicking Well with Users

snapchat logoSnapchat has quickly evolved as a popular social media application with the app being rated by 7,171,255 users on Google Play alone. As the name suggests, Snapchat has been designed with the purpose of allowing people to freely share snaps, videos and read interesting stuff from all over the world. If you have downloaded the latest Android version of Snapchat, you may be troubled by certain bugs and errors, which may make your experience of using the app little cumbersome. 

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Are machines winning over humans?


Research, the word itself means searching for something again. It implies that what you are researching is already there or established, and you are just trying to research it or add on to it. In an information age where computers, bots, and even robots are beginning to substitute humans, the day is not far when virtual machines will beat humans in almost everything. I am not saying it without any research, eh! As per Professor Vardi at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting held in Washington, by 2045, machines will be able to complete majority of the tasks which a human can do. Take the case of Google’s driverless car. The innovation on launch is expected to tax high on the job prospects of drivers who have some element of errors. You cannot imagine a machine to drink and drive, or go to sleep. Can you? Continue reading

A PC is better than a Supercomputer

If you have been hoping that the day your personal computer is replaced by a supercomputer, your life will change, think again. Yes, a supercomputer may seem a promising technology, but it may not be of much utility for you in routine life. It is not practical to run mini tasks on a supercomputer and spend heavy money for its processing abilities. You will be better off doing the same task on your personal computer. Let us analyze how.


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An Excellent Example of Gamification Strategy in Digital Marketing

Gamification strategy may have got all the applause in marketing all over the world, with some of the most successful businesses based on one gamification idea or the other.

gamification in digital marketing

Before you start blaming me for a spelling mistake here, let me explain the term gamification in some detail. Well, gamification as the name implies means using games. Gamification is the art of using gaming tactics for marketing purpose and make a product or service attractive for customers.  Continue reading