Celebrating Valentine’s Day after Marriage

Many say marriage is the end of love. Contrarily, I believe it is only the beginning of an endearing journey that two loving souls promised to take alongside each other. What better moment to celebrate the same than the Valentine’s Day?
What separates the living planet earth from the rest of the others is the very presence of love. No doubt, if we are born to this earth as humans then definitely each one of us is entitled to feel love in its true colors. For all those couples who are running short of ideas to celebrate this D-day after marriage, here are few important tips to enjoy the occasion to its fullest.

1) Date at Your Garden: Have you ever wished to feel that magic of love so close to trees, plants, grass and flowers? If you haven’t experienced it until now, then do it this Valentine’s Day with your partner. Simply decorate your garden with all the lovely things such as balloons, candles and toys. Now place a table and two chairs to enjoy whatever you wish to eat on that day. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

2) Love Letter: Forget mobiles and computers. Enjoy the simplicity of life where you convey your feelings for your spouse with a romantic love letter citing him or her how important he or she is in your life.

3) Cooking Together: Someone has said it right that the way to heart goes through good food. There could be nothing more wonderful than you two cook some brilliant dishes for each other and family as a whole. Also don’t forget to prepare one scrumptious dessert for each other so as to feel little more cozy and romantic on this day.

4) Love at Workplace: While many may feel it little awkward but love knows no restrictions. Visit your wife’s office and read a romantic poem while presenting her with a bouquet of freshly plucked red roses in front of her colleagues. Her cheeks would glow in pink with blush, but from inside she feels proud of you. I can assure you that this is going to be your best Valentine’s Day. After all, it is always a better choice to express your love than to keep it hidden inside hearts.

5) Day of Kisses: Love is innocent. It doesn’t know what is right or long. Let this Valentine’s Day be little more surprising and nagging to some extent. Wake up your husband with a kiss and also welcome him in the evening with a sweet kiss as he returns home after hard day’s work. This will certainly turn him on and don’t surprise to find yourself inside his lap.

6) Watch romantic Movies Together: Spending time together on Valentine’s Day is the best moment to cherish forever. Enjoy the moment when both of you are sitting in the same couch watching a lovely film together and experiencing those cozy moments together.

7) Heart Candies: Little things have huge relevance. It will be an amazing idea if the couples share love candies with each other. It’s going to be more awesome if the couple hides heart-shaped candies inside each other’s pillows, shoes and dress pocket.

8) Candle Light dinner: This is the most classic style of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Take her to an exotic restaurant and relish the candle light dinner. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not because what matters is the existence of affection and love feeling for one another.

9) Go for shopping: Take your wife to nearby shopping malls and ask her to purchase whatever she wishes to. Women are inherently shopaholic and it will make her feel immensely happy and pleasant.

10) Sweet Gifts: During Valentine’s Day, gifts are in high demand. How about presenting her with a sweet teddy bear, chocolates, flowers and a photo album with you and your wife’s picture in it? She will certainly love it.

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