Tips to Dress Perfect on Valentine’s Day for Both Males and Females

Valentine’s Day is one of the most precious days in anyone’s life. Be it a girl or boy, everyone loves to wear nice outfits on this day as the entire world celebrates the relevance of love in human life. With the Valentine’s Day round the corner, there is no doubt that people are looking forward to celebrate the occasion to the fullest.

As you are ready to make it a big day in your life with your loved one, don’t make it boring by putting on wrong attire or making a wrong fashion statement. Here are some easy tips for boys and girls to follow on Valentine’s Day so as to make it a grand celebration.

Tips for Women

1) Right Accessories: Make sure that you have adorned yourself well with earrings, bangles and a stunning necklace on Valentine’s Day.

2) Leather: Whatever you wear put on an elegant piece of leather jacket to look more stylish and stunning. It complements your dressing sense well.

3) V-cut Top: Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your beauty. If you have a great figure and wish to flaunt the same it would be amazing to don a sexy V-cut top that allows sneak peek into your beautiful cleavage. Undoubtedly, your boyfriend will love to stare at you when you wear this garment. Complement your outfit with a matching legging or pencil skirt to look more cute and sexy at the same time.

4) Perfume: Don’t forget to spray a sweet and magnificent perfume to complete your style statement. The fragrance is sure to mesmerise your soul-mate like never before.

5) Well Groomed Hair: Never underestimate your hairstyling because hair is the first thing that your boyfriend will notice on you. Always keep it stylish and unique so as to grab the attention of the people all around.

6) Nail Art: You should also ensure that your nails are properly trimmed and polished with attractive colours. Nothing adds more style to a girl’s personality then attractive colourful nails.

Tips for Men

1) A wonderful Watch: A man is best known by the watch he wears. A wrist watch should be attractive in either gold or stainless steel so that you could make a good fashion statement on this day. Usually a golden colour watch looks more elegant on man for special events such as the New Year, Valentine’s Day or others.

2) Proper suiting: A man should look complete in a garment that he is wearing. A light colour shirt and a deep colour monochrome full pant along with a blue neck tie look amazing on men. You should try to look smart dapper throughout that day.

3) Fantastic Footwear: Shoes are the real identity of men. You have to make sure that you are wearing a stunning pair of shoes on Valentine’s Day. Shoes on your foot make you look more awesome any girl would love to fall in love with.

4) Proper winter wear: For men, the best option to look remarkable is to make sure you are donning a quality Jacket or coat to surprise your partner. It is usually said that sweaters are not that much stylish so men should wear an attractive leather jacket to look more dashing.

5) Goggles: The best way to look awesome and handsome is to ensure that you are already wearing a good quality goggle. It reflects your charisma in a more attractive manner. It usually suits with various types of garments that you may opt on Valentine’s Day as you are on your way to meet your valentine.

Zika Virus: Quick Facts

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Mode of infection: Mosquito bites

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Prognosis: Illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to one week. Cases needed hospitalization are rare.  Continue reading

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Family and Children

Valentine’s Day might be getting a lot of popularity for being the youth’s only festival of love, but over the last few years people have also started celebrating the day with family and kids. Indeed, the love for one’s family always comes first.

Kids often have a complaint that their parents don’t dedicate much time to them and stay busy with their own stuff round the clock. You can certainly take an official leave on Valentine’s Day and spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the occasion to its fullest.

Here are the 10 tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and children;

1) Valentine’s Party at Home: Let this Valentine’s Day be different. Enjoy the whole day with your family and children. Throw a party, do all the funny stuff and bring a big smile to the face of your wife and kids throughout the day. I can bet this is truly going to be the best Valentine’s Day in your life.

2) Focus on decorating your home: On Valentine’s Day, you should properly decorate your house with balloons, candles and greetings card. This will make you feel more relaxed and happy.

3) Celebrate Each Other’s Presence: Family is primarily the basis of survival for any human being. The Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to demonstrate the feeling of love and affection that you have towards your family. It will fill your heart with joy and pride to realize that your family loves you so much.

4) Time For your Partner: When children go to sleep, don’t miss that special moment to make her realize that how important she is in your life. Yes, life won’t have been so special without her. You two should dance in the late night to get cozy feeling of love from inside while clasping each other’s hand.

5) Prepare newer recipes: on Valentine’s Day, you should take the charge of preparing a good and delicious dish for your family. Usually, wife leads the Kitchen front but on this day you can give her little rest as you try your experiencing to prepare a good food. I’m sure it would be a relishing treat for your wife and kids.

6) Capture Moments & Memories: One more special reason of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to make sure that you capture some good pictures and memories as and when you get an opportunity to do so. Take a lot of pictures of one another to enjoy the occasion.

7) Enlighten your family members about heart: Many people forget the actual importance of hearts and consider them to be a matter of affection only. Let this Valentine’s Day be a special one to enlighten your family members about the real importance of heart. Plan out an appointment with your general medical practitioner and take your family to him and take few necessary health tips to protect our hearts. Nevertheless, February is officially known as month of the hearts in many parts of the USA, so don’t miss the opportunity to know some little more about hearts.

8) Play with your kids: This Valentine’s Day, play various games with your children and make them happy. You can play Soccer, Rugby, Tennis or whatever games that they peruse you to play.

9) Eat together at a dinner table: You can enjoy one more cherishing moment as you enjoy a heavy supper with your children by eating together on a dining table at night. Simply arrange the dinner and enjoy a delicious dish with your wife and kids. This is simply too awesome memory to take by on Valentine’s Day.

10) Watching Television and reading good books: After the dinner, let your children stay awake for little longer and you can tell them a good story for a few minutes more. Or you can also watch a good family movie with your wife and kids on DVDs such as the Alice in the wonderland, Kung-Fu Panda or even the Harry porter series.

How to Overcome Hesitation for Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t matter how smart you are now but you must have faced some hesitating moments once or twice in your life. This is quite obvious because there is no hard and fast rule regarding human behaviors. A lot of people find hesitation as a god-driven trait that can’t be overcome. But the reality tells us something else.

With just a few days before Valentine’s Day, it’s important for both girls and boys to know some easy ways to clear their doubts and hesitation. It is the right moment to do so considering the essence of love is in the air. Improving your interpersonal skills is the basis of speaking it correct and straight.

Here are the top 10 tips for men and women to easily overcome their hesitation;

1) Choose an Exotic but deserted Spot for a Romantic Meet: This Valentine’s Day, don’t rush to a nearby crowded restaurant or food joint. I suggest you to pick an exotic romantic spot where you two can speak a lot without bothering about people. Even if it takes a few minutes to get familiar with one-another you shouldn’t refrain from doing so.

2) Correct Your Body Language: For such a precious occasion such as the Valentine’s Day, it’s important to keep your body language correct. You should nod your head where it matters and must know where not to blink eyes.

3) Trust Each Other: In an adult romantic relationship, trust is the core on which the foundation of love is based upon. Meet each other on the Valentine’s Day as if the god has made you two for each other. If you trust each other a lot, then you won’t feel hesitated anymore.

4) Frequent Communication: In Love, regular communication is very important. Even if you two are meeting for the first time make sure that both of you already have enough communication via e-mail or mobile to avoid that embarrassing hesitation at first sight.

5) Proper Outfit and Style Statement: This Valentine’s Day, make it a special one. Put on an attractive dress and make a right fashion statement. It’s often said that if your style is right then the half battle is already won. Yes, it’s true to some extent because a good outfit makes you feel much more stylish, smart and confident.

6) Singing and Smiling: A research has said that frequent smiling and singing in front of your relatives and close friends will make you feel much relaxed and confident while meeting with people. You can certainly overcome your hesitation crooning a romantic song in front of your sweetheart.

7) Meet New People: The most perfect way of clearing your hesitation before the Valentine’s Week is to meet new people and see new places as much as possible. This is certainly a good idea for the couples to come out of their hesitation ahead of the Valentine’s Day.

8) Curb Anxiety as much as possible: Anxiety never helps anyone in any manner whatsoever. Whether you are meeting someone special for the first time or second time, keep ensuring that you are quite natural and in a happy mood.

9) Good Conversation: Another most effective way of removing hesitation is to have a good conversation with your soulmate on Valentines’ day. When two of you are engaged in good conversation and on interesting topics, you won’t feel hesitated or bored.

10) Proper eye contact: One more easy way of getting out of hesitation is to keep maintaining a proper eye-contact with your partner on Valentine’s Day. It’s often said that love starts from the eyes; hence it’s indeed a special feeling when you stare at your partner in an affectionate and romantic manner. It will help you feel more comfortable to each other while putting doubts and hesitation far behind.

10 Common Things That Turn off Women on Valentine’s Day

Guys, are you ready for the big day? We are exactly 15 days away from witnessing yet another vibrant and jubilant morning of Valentine’s Day this Sunday, 14th February, 2016. A lot of things might be going on your mind on how to please your girl on that red-letter-day but don’t do something silly out of extreme excitement.

Women are sensitive and impetuous, so you shouldn’t hurry but stay calm and patient as the special moment of the day gets unfolded before your eyes. There are several instances when a guy often turns his first date on Valentine’s Day a disastrous one. Here are the 10 common things that turn-off women on Valentine’s Day;

1) Improper Fingernails: Well, it has nothing to do with nail polishes. But as a man, you have to have clean and properly trimmed nails. Women are certainly allergic to that of men’s long and dirty nails.

2) Inappropriate Clothing: A survey has recently disclosed that ill-fitted clothes are the single turn-off for women in recent times. So, this Valentine’s Day make sure that you are wearing a stylish suit as you go on to captivate some happy moments with her.

3) Indecent Behaviour: When you on a date with your loved one, make sure that you are a nice guy. For the sake of showing your boldness, never jump into fight with the people around you. For example; your behaviour with staff at the restaurant or hotels should be good and nice.

4) Impatience Attitude: You must know that it is the inherent choice of every woman to have an educated, calm and composed boyfriend. Hence, when you are enjoying a romantic day with her, don’t lose your patience out of too much anxiety or excitement.

5) Bad Footwear: Believe it or not, but the age-old idiom that “a man is best known by the shoe he wears” holds correct to even relationship. When you are on a romantic date with your sweetheart, don’t forget to wear a pair of clean and stylish shoes.

6) Compliment Her Properly: “Think thousand times before you speak”. Even if you are complimenting her with some flattery words, don’t try to speak something that suggests thoroughly different meaning. For example; if you say, “You are the only girlfriend I have ever got in my entire life”, then it represents as if you don’t wish to make friendship with girls and are more comfy with the boys. Though, the case is actually not so.

7) Inapt Attitude: You to have a good attitude for the happy survival of any relationship. Try to be as compassionate as possible. Make sure that you are listening to everything that she says.

8) Punctuality: It is considered as the first sign of your sincerity to any relationship. Whenever you two meet, make sure that you reach there at least 5 minutes earlier. Several women get mesmerised by the punctuality factor of boys.

9) Don’t interrupt her: Let her speak her mind out every time she meets you. Frequently interrupting her at the middle of the sentences is certainly annoying feeling and a big turn-off for women.

10) Don’t be dirty: Always make sure that you use a quality deodorant and stay clean while you decide to meet her. Personal hygiene does matter for you and your soul-mate too. She does love a smart and tidy person. You can use deodorant to get that extra spark of romance inside you.

Top 10 Hangout Places for Valentine’s Day

We are well aware that Valentine’s Day has huge relevance when it comes to choosing one’s life partner, hence couples should never miss planning it out in advance where to enjoy the rest of the day together staying aloof from the rest of the world.

I’m sure you also must be looking at some of the romantic places to hang-out with your loved ones. When there is love inside your heart, you won’t mind visiting far-off places to feel those soothing moments when butterflies flutter their wings inside your hearts!

Here is the list of top 10 exotic Hangout places for Valentine’s Day celebration;

1) Flute, New York, USA: Located in the posh New York City, this midtown lounge is astute for some real cool moments in the lap of each other. Simply, step into the bar and relish a bottle of chilled champagne with your partner. Indeed, the bar is intrinsically cool and romantic where you get cozy while enjoying a few enchanting moments here.

2) Lapèrouse, Paris, France: This exotic restaurant is decorated with ancient red booths offering you a mushy feeling to get closer to your loved one. What’s more interesting is the fact that the sweet romantic charm of Paris will make both of you feel more romantic and cozy at the restaurant.

3) Aubergine, Luzon, Philippines: You can’t miss out nibbling those tasty dishes when you are at Aubergine. The restaurant is known for preparing delicious dishes and indeed it’s a special moment as you two share some happy moments inside the restaurants together.

4) El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain: Located in the dazzling city of Girona, this restaurant has everything at its disposal to make you feel more excited. You will get the opportunity to taste the world’s best wines here.

5) Kyubey, Tokyo, Japan: The chirping of birds, cool breeze and attractive landscapes make Tokyo a romantic destination per se. You can straightaway enter Kyubey holding hands of your partner and spend the rest of the day together staring at each other’s eyes. The tasty cuisines couple with soothing chimes on the background makes it one of the most beautiful hangout places to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

6) Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark: The unpolluted air and fresh breeze that make Denmark a beautiful place to live in. It becomes even more special when Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Don’t miss visiting Relae this year for a lifelong memory to take by. The magnificent display of colorful lights and scrumptious European cuisines to taste make Relae a breathtaking hangout place to spend Valentine’s Day.

7) Schauenstein, Switzerland, Fürstenau:
Peaceful atmosphere, soothing weather and snow clad mountains are symbols of Switzerland. But there is something more to it. If you are looking for a best hangout place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day then go to Schauenstein in Fürstenau for an awesome experience. Apart from dazzling lighting and tasty recipes, this restaurant makes you feel romantic and passionate enough to propose your soul mate here.

8) Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China: It’s such a spectacular hangout place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day to the fullest. Be it extremely mouth-watering continental vegetarian dishes or the non-veg ones, this is the best hangout place to spend the rest of the day accompanying your partner. Ultraviolet is also popular for its design and architecture.

9) White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia: The diversity of Russia is its intrinsic beauty. Take the case of White Rabbit which is not just an elegant hangout place to drop by but also to enjoy some delicious products of Crimea which were hitherto unavailable here.

10) Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy: Italy is a nation of beautiful monuments with glimpses of ancient roman culture all around. Italy is also famous for its wide variety of astonishing culinary art. You can certainly visit Osteria Francescana you’re your sweetheart to taste some of the world’s best snacks, drinks and many more.

Why Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A Valentine’s Day, widely popular as the day of hearts or day of roses, is celebrated with full fervor and zeal all across the globe. It is celebrated every year on 14th February in a much jovial manner spreading smiles all around. Often, youths love expressing their love and special feeling towards someone on this very day presenting them with a bouquet of roses or heart shaped greeting cards.

The history of Valentine’s Day is equally fascinating? The festival got its name from St. Valentine, a catholic priest of Rome. It is believed that this saint waged a solitary battle against the tyranny of Claudius II, the Roman emperor who prohibited his soldiers from marrying Christians which ignited a sense of disenchantment among them. But Saint Valentine used to carry secret marriage ceremonies for them.

When emperor came to know about it he jailed St. Valentine and later executed him as well on 14th February, 270 AD. And since then the day is being celebrated in the name of this saint for his noble deed of spreading love worldwide. A few centuries later, this turned out into a major occasion where people celebrate the essence of love in human life.

Reasons for Valentine’s Day Celebration

1) Feel the love: No doubt, some people carry that innocent fantasy inside their heart relating to that affectionate feeling towards someone for a long period of time. This is the day when you get the reason to open your heart in front of that person. It’s a fantastic feeling altogether.

2) The Relevance of Love: It won’t be wrong to say that love is the most understated word without realizing the fact that this four-letter word can move a mountain of feeling inside heart, a soothing melody for the soul and a cherishing memory of a lifetime.

3) Differentiating Between Love and Infatuation: Many people can’t differentiate between love and infatuation or simple attraction towards a beautiful girl or handsome man considering it love. Actually the case is not so. This is the day when you can decide it yourself that is it the same person you wish to spend the rest of your life with or it’s mere an attraction towards opposite sex? In other words, on Valentine’s Day you can take the most important decision in your life regarding your future.

4) The day of cards: No doubt, with the wide use of social media and emails, people often overlook greetings card. But frankly speaking, the joy of presenting a beautiful greetings card to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is indeed a special moment. It’s going to be awesome if people start using greeting cards on this day rather than using social media as a tool of communication.

5) The Glimpses of Roses: During Valentine’s Day people love giving bouquet of roses to each other signifying the intrinsic beauty of the flower to symbolize love. So you can definitely have a reason to celebrate the day while also promoting planting of rose trees all around in your vicinity.

6) Eat what you love: On Valentine’s Day you can definitely enjoy eating your favorite dishes. It would be more beautiful if you and your loved one share each other’s dish and enjoy a finest candle-light dinner together. So, now you have 1 more reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

7) Astonishing Attire: Everyone loves to wear spectacular attire on this day as an inch closer to romantic life waiting to embrace him or her. So, you will notice a lot of people wearing attractive and astonishing attire on this day. Believe me; the scenario is absolutely magnificent as girls flaunt their beauty in sparkling white gowns while men resort to classic tie or bow look.

Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas for Your Geek Boyfriend

The red letter day of Valentine’s Day is now only a few days away. While many of you have already planned some of the expensive and beautiful gifts for your partner, it’s no secret that gadgets and gizmos always hold a special spot inside everyone’s heart. Undoubtedly, giving your partner a good gadget can be a most amazing gift whatsoever.

While, there are a variety of choices to choose from, let me make it clear that gadget differs from person to person. Some love to play with video games 24 x 7 while there are quite a few persons who enjoy listening to pop songs in their digital home theater. So, herewith I’m suggesting top 10 gift ideas especially for your geek boyfriend.

1) Pocket Boom Box
: I guarantee this is an enthralling gift to pep up the mood of your boring boyfriend. The primary feature of this pocket-sized speaker is the fact that it can play a wide range of foot-tapping, classic and pop music simply by connecting it to any device including smartphones.

2) Acer Ferrari 1100 Laptop: In love and relationship price doesn’t manner. If you also believe in it then don’t refrain yourself from giving this ultra stylish taptop to your geek boyfriend. He will certainly love it for sure. The new Acer Ferrari laptop costs around 2500-3000 USD and weighs very less with 1.3 MP webcam and 4-GB RAM as well.

3) IPhone 3G King’s Button: No matter, how much geek you consider your boyfriend to be but this smartphone will certainly transform him as a smart cool dude for sure. It’s a priceless gift that you can present him this year on Valentine’s Day. On an estimate this smartphone consists of 138 diamonds pricing around $2.4 million.

4) Braun 790cc 4 Men’s Shaver: Shaving is often considered as an everyday battle for men. Make it smoother for him gifting him Braun 790cc4 Men’s Shaver for a comfortable shave using intelligent sonic technology with vibration facility as well. It’s fully waterproof and washable too. Let your geek boyfriend know how it feels to be stylish and fashionable.

5) Apple Watch Sport 42 mm: For quite a long time it’s every man’s desire to hold a stylish Apple Watch on their hand. This watch with Silver Aluminium Case is absolutely fantastic. It has Bluetooth, water-proof capcity and heart rate sensor as well and costs just around 50-60 USD. Obviously, a valuable gift for Valentine’s Day!

6) Divoom Voombox: Now, this portable speaker is something that will reignite the spark of love inside your geek boyfriend. Make sure you carry some romantic songs in your smartphone when you gift him so that you two can enjoy some soothing romantic songs using this portable speaker. You can play it via Bluetooth as well since it’s wireless. Intereseting gift, isn’t it?

7) Microsoft Xbox 360 500 GB: Video game is something that keeps people enjoy every bit of the game. If you are planning an effective device to present to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day then I suggest you to give him Microsoft Xbox 360 (500 GB) available with the exciting games of Call of Duty Ghosts and Black Ops 2. It has built in Wi-Fi, 500 GB HDD and wireless controller as well. Currently its price is around $350 online.

8) Universal Remote Control: Men are messy. They are unorganised and always in hurry. Present him with a new Universal Remote Control on Valentine’s Day which is very simple to use. This gadget helps one use his tablet or mobile as remote control and work well with more than around 20,000 home appliances. Now he needs to use just this device to manage his other appliances at home.

9) Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Tablet: When talking about latest gadget and devices you can’t overlook this stunning Android tablet. Currently it is available around 1100 USD in India. The device comes with 12.2 LCD screen offering 2560 x 1600p resolution and an S Pen stylus. This tablet comes with 8MP camera quality as well followed by 3 GB RAM and 1.9 Octa Core Processor also. The device will defiinitley bring a big smile on the face of your geek boyfriend.

10) Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light: Utility of torch is always omnipresent. But choose a little more glamorous this Valentine’s Day for your geek boyfriend. This torch comes with a high long-lasting shining LED flash light. The device also supports 2200mAh battery offering you long battery backup. No doubt, its price is far lesser than the one mentioned above but for a budget Valentine Gift you can pick this one too without any worry.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

That sparkling moment of presenting your darling with an amazing jewellery set is priceless. There have been countless moments you two have shared with each other but the gleam on her face while accepting your gift is something that makes your heart jump with joys. As we are well aware that less than a month is remaining for the Valentine’s Day, you must have already decided which jewellery gift you are about to present her this year.
To make this task easier, here are the few essential jewellery gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. I can assure you that your partner will certainly love it and you two gonna have a wonderful celebration together.

1) Diamond Pendent: Honestly speaking, when it comes to love, Diamond still rules the roost. There is no doubt that Diamond jewelleries are sold in large quantities all across the globe during Valentine’s week. It is one of the most coveted desires of a man to shower his wife with lots of sparkling and elegant diamond jewelleries. This are not only magnificent to look at but glittering as well to reflect your stylish persona.

2) Heart-Shaped Necklace: Girls like gifts that have the element of affection and romance attached to them. This Valentine’s Day, you can select a heart-shaped necklace for your sweetheart. This is not only adorable but heart charming as well. You can straight away win her heart with this gift for sure.

3) Bracelet: If you wish to give something unique to your partner then Bracelet can be an ideal choice. Imagine the moment you are presenting her with a beautiful bracelet with the words I Love You written on it! Mere thinking of it could make you feel mushy and cosy. You can go ahead gifting this beautiful present to her making her feel like a true princess.

4) Ear-rings: Be it gold or diamond, earrings are the single most special Jewellery ornament that could enhance the fashion statement of your partner with whatever she wears. This Valentine’s Day, choose a pair of beautiful and shining earrings with sparkling stones on it. A pair of earrings does successfully transmit the message of love as well.

5) Ring: You can make this Valentine’s Day more memorable by transforming the occasion into your engagement. Yes, let your heart do all the talk on this day – simply take your soulmate to an exotic location and shout it loud I Love You, will you be my Valentine forever? Gift her a stylish ring while saying this. Undoubtedly, these soothing words can melt any woman’s heart. Go do it this year.

6) Sequined Bangles: Some women love wearing bangles. There are a lot of places where women love putting stylish bangles with their outfits. This trend is widely popular in the Indian subcontinent. The same trend is now being followed in other countries as well. If you wish to give her a unique present this Valentine’s Day then a pair of beautiful bangles is absolutely majestic on that day.

7) Nose Ring: Some say the feeling of love starts from heart but some say it is the nose that catches the attention first. For a sparkling jewellery gift to her, an astute piece of nose ring can be an enchanting gift. A silver or shiny nose ring would be a good choice. It’s amazing altogether.

Exploring Human Identity in Infinite Cosmos

I was fortunate enough to do some ground research on Hubble’s telescope few days ago, and accidentally I came across many interesting sources for live space streaming through NASA. The way earth viewing experiment by NASA is capturing visuals of earth’s surface, and captivating views of sunrise, my heart only grows fonder for the entity which established these processes. I may sound philosophical to few who may accuse me of babbling creator’s name, where scientific phenomena deserve credit, but the way things work around us (in space) makes me feel ashamed about our minute existence. Yes, “ashamed” I would say. We on earth, while living in our small constructed homes (small in comparison to size of larger objects such as sun, moon and infinite galaxies), proudly say, we are the most advanced species – humans. However, nature’s surprises such as survival of bacteria in space without any support, the disciplined movement of stellar objects as well as animal and plant systems, I feel are much more advanced than us. Continue reading