What Not to Do This New Year

One thing that is just inseparable from New Year is analyzing how you spent the last year and whether it went as per your expectation or not. While a few people may answer in the affirmative but as a matter of fact most people would agree that the last year wasn’t the one he expected it to be. There must have been some mistakes from his side.

Here are some of the things that you must not do this New Year for your betterment. After all, human life is all about striving for perfection and excellence.

1) Overeating and LazinessRead more....

Upcoming Important Events in 2016

Only 10 days remaining. We are finally standing on the verge of welcoming the new and first dawn of January 1st, 2016. While we are ready to enjoy the New Year’s Eve and the first dawn of the upcoming year, it is necessary to know about the important events that are scheduled to take place in the following months.

The year 2016 will certainly have action-packed calendar ranging from the world of sports to politics. Here is the list of important events and happening to follow in 2016:

1) The US Presidential Elections 2016: The biggest event of this … Read more....

Few Inspiring Ideas to Start a New Year with Positive Energy

The beginning of a year is special for everyone. It envisages the vision that a person wishes to see for himself in the coming year. But it is easier said than done. While many of us take newer and newer resolutions on the eve of New Year, unfortunately very few go on to stick to them.

Honestly speaking, the very first step to ensure that your new year goes well is to stop remembering the promises that you took last year. It is the pain of the broken resolutions which won’t permit you to start your new year with gusto. … Read more....

Top 5 Issues Which Will Continue to Haunt Globally in 2016

The element of peace in human life is of utmost importance but somehow it has continued to remain elusive from the mankind. Some say it is the power politics that vitiates the global harmony but not able to recognise each other’s concerns and displaying arrogance are the two big factors that lead to conflict among the nations.

The year 2015 has been the most volatile one in recent times. Though, the countdown for Happy New Year 2016 has already begun but no one can say it with certainty that global woes of this year will not creep into next year’s … Read more....

Does New Year Eve Make You Depressed?

We are back at a time when clock takes forward steps but somewhere our memories compel us to look back. This is the irony of fate. On one hand people welcome the New Year with open hearts; there are several others who actually view the last weekend of the year and New Year’s Eve with suspicion.

More than anything else, this is actually a psychological syndrome. It is an unexplained behavior of certain individuals that they feel so depressed every time New Year’s Eve in round the corner. Though, there are no easy answers to it but some consider that … Read more....

10 Fabulous Cocktail and Mocktail Drinks for New Year

The party time is back. Unleash the hidden party creature out and indulge in the fabulous and refreshing cocktail and mocktail drinks so as to transform your New Year celebration into a big occasion. Over the last few years, when it comes to drinks, people do prefer to have cocktails and mocktail over the typical alcoholic drinks like Rum, Whiskey and Vodka for their rejuvenating taste and flavours.

Preparing a mocktail recipe is a joy in itself. It’s a completely awesome feeling to prepare a mocktail for guests on the night of 31st December when the entire world dips in … Read more....