What Not to Do This New Year

One thing that is just inseparable from New Year is analyzing how you spent the last year and whether it went as per your expectation or not. While a few people may answer in the affirmative but as a matter of fact most people would agree that the last year wasn’t the one he expected it to be. There must have been some mistakes from his side.

Here are some of the things that you must not do this New Year for your betterment. After all, human life is all about striving for perfection and excellence.

1) Overeating and Laziness: Honestly speaking, these are the beginning of making your life more problematic. Overeating is a very bad habit. This practice must be stopped. Laziness is another bad habit that you also forego this year. When people sit idle they eat more, and similarly when people indulge in overeating; this makes them feel heavy and laziness as well. These two are interrelated to each other.

2) Killing Time on Social Media: According to a recent survey, social media has emerged to be the main pastime for youths. This is definitely not a good sign. Staying active on social media for long hour means staying cut off from the society. This does affect our inter-personal skills. What’s more shocking is the fact that it has taken the form of addiction when people never mind spending more than three-four hours on internet.

3) Give up the habit of being late: Be it office or home, Punctuality is a good sign of your focus towards professional and home life. This new year onward give up the habit of reaching your home or office late and try to stay as punctual as possible most of the time.

4) Be sober and calm: You are grown up now, be sensible and try to behave accordingly. This things sound heroic during childhood but not any longer. Learn the art of forgiving and don’t hold grudge against anybody. In case of any misunderstanding you should reach out to that person and discuss freely with him or her.

5) Don’t be spendthrift: Instead of spending money on useless things, try to save it. It is actually a good habit because it helps you from the uncertainties of future. Be practical; you won’t need so many things at once, when you actually need only a handful of things. Remember it always you go to shopping spree next time.

6) Don’t Overburden Yourself With Debt: If you can actually manage your day to day expenditure without taking debt then don’t indulge in such things. By taking debt you will actually part ways with your hard earned money in the form of interest. Rather I suggest you to go for debt for personal loan only when your income is little enough to fulfill your dream of buying a new house or car.

7) Avoid Stress and Tension: Don’t focus on problems, try to focus on the solution instead. Everybody is suffering from one problem or other but that doesn’t mean we should always think about negative things only. Learn the art of stress management and try to stay happy and tension free.

8) Give Farewell to your Addiction Habit: Just stop it this year. You should know that cigarette doesn’t do any good to your health but may actually affect your body severely in the long run. Occasional smoking is okay, but you should avoid it as much as possible.

9) Don’t Watch TV for Long: Watching TV is necessary for entertainment purpose but not at the cost of your 8 hour sleep. Rather I suggest you to watch TV for a couple of hours and don’t fail to complete your 8 hour sleep. This new year keep a limit to it.

10) Don’t avoid Reading and Writing: I know it’s not easy to concentrate on books and novels when you have a plenty of gadgets at your disposal. But try to ensure that you read and write at least with 2 pages daily without any aid from gadgets. These are good habits and can be an enlightening exercise without any fear of getting distracted due to ever-flooded apps that rule the gadgets.

Upcoming Important Events in 2016

Only 10 days remaining. We are finally standing on the verge of welcoming the new and first dawn of January 1st, 2016. While we are ready to enjoy the New Year’s Eve and the first dawn of the upcoming year, it is necessary to know about the important events that are scheduled to take place in the following months.

The year 2016 will certainly have action-packed calendar ranging from the world of sports to politics. Here is the list of important events and happening to follow in 2016:

1) The US Presidential Elections 2016: The biggest event of this year’s political fight will take place on November 8, 2016. The anti-incumbency factor is gaining momentum this year like never before. Especially after Obama’s two straight wins in 2008 and 2012, there is certainly a feeling of change across the voters. The 58th US presidential elections later this New Year will determine who will be the boss of the World’s superpower. This year it is expected that the US elections will be fought between two fiery orators; Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Both candidates have proven track records in Politics and American society in particular.

2) The 2016 Summer Olympics (Rio de Janeiro): For sports lovers and enthusiasts, the year 2016 is the more special. The Rio 2016 (Olympic Games) will be staged later in the year at the venues in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The quadrennial mega sporting event, Olympics, is set to spellbind all sports lover worldwide with stellar performances from the athletes. The grand event will be inaugurated at a glittering ceremony in the Brazilian city on 5th August, 2016. As many as 306 gold-winning opportunities will be there for the athletes to grab from their respective nations. The 16-day gala event will be concluded on 21st August, 2016.

3) The Launch of Polymer Currency Notes in the UK: Believe it or not, the year 2016, is set to be the path bearer for many nations as far as revolution in banking technology and innovation is concerned. This New Year UK will launch polymer currency notes in the UK. Yes, you heard it absolutely right; the bank of England will issue its first set of plastic banknotes for general circulation later this forthcoming year. Initially, a currency note of £5 denomination bearing an image of Sir Winston Churchill will be launched. Historically, it’s the first time that any nation adopt plastic currency note for general circulation.

4) Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2016: It is counted as the most prestigious international tennis championship. The history of Wimbledon takes us back to 1877, around 138 years back, when inaugural Wimbledon championship was played. Until now, the tournament is viewed as the most coveted one. Last year, Novak Djokovik won the championship winning the final battle against Roger Federer. This time London will be hosting the gala event and the winner will win around £ 2 Million. The tournament starts from 27th June to 10th July 2016.

5) Afghanistan to Fight It Alone: It is expected that the year 2016 will change the face of Afghanistan’s tormented socio-political scenario. After staying active on Afghan soil for a long period of time, American armed forces will leave the nation. The country is hub of global terrorism and law and crisis. Though, the exact date is not known, but the decision will take place sometime in the next year.

6) ICC World T20 Championship 2016: Cricket, one of the most popular sports in the commonwealth countries, will witness the gala tournament of the year – ICC World T20 Championship. This event is touted as the biggest event in cricket after the ICC Cricket World Cup. India is widely popular for the craze of cricket like the UK.

Few Inspiring Ideas to Start a New Year with Positive Energy

The beginning of a year is special for everyone. It envisages the vision that a person wishes to see for himself in the coming year. But it is easier said than done. While many of us take newer and newer resolutions on the eve of New Year, unfortunately very few go on to stick to them.

Honestly speaking, the very first step to ensure that your new year goes well is to stop remembering the promises that you took last year. It is the pain of the broken resolutions which won’t permit you to start your new year with gusto. I am herewith suggesting 10 Inspiring Ideas to Start a New Year with Positive Energy:

1) Focus More on What You Have: Rather than focusing about the things that you don’t have, you should focus more on things that you already have. Preserve the same. This will help you to stay away from complaining and help you shift your attention towards your goal.

2) Love Your Presence: I read it somewhere that one who doesn’t love himself can’t stay happy. You must love yourself to appreciate the goodness all around. Be confident and remove the feeling of inferiority complex out of your mind body and soul.

3) Positive Thoughts Lead to Positive Energy: Our mind is such that when it is preoccupied with negative thoughts it can’t undertake any positive step. So, we must fill our minds with lots of positive thoughts to start the year with positive energy.

4) Be a leader: Don’t hold yourself back, let your leadership skills be known. You might have missed out an opportunity of job promotion last year, but to make sure that everything runs smoothly, you must come out of your comfort zone and start taking the charge wherever it matters. Starting your own business is a little step towards becoming a leader.

5) Be Benevolent: Human life is too short to hold grudge against anybody. This new year, accept the noble practice of forgiving others. Believe in the goodness of the others and keep forgiving those who don’t know the meaning of goodness and its values.

6) Blog Writing: Those who don’t understand it call it a time-passing stuff but to be honest blog writing gives you larger scope of jotting down your ideas and good thoughts on a paper or blogsite. You can also write them on your diary if you don’t want other people to read it. It does infuse a lot of positive energy inside your mind.

7) Take Part in Charitable Activities: This new year, you should make participating in charitable activities as your habit. Always remember that no matter how much troubling your life is but there are less fortunate ones as well. It is indeed a special feeling to help people out of problems and making their life more pleasurable.

8) Meditation and Exercise: Meditation can be good because it helps you improve your concentration and infuse a lot of good feelings inside you. Similarly, regular exercise will prevent a lot of diseases from affecting your body. Adopt these good practices for a positive and prosperous and disease-free new year.

9) Laugh and Sleep: Just as problems in computer gets easily resolved after restarting your computer, similarly many of our stress and irritation will go away after a good 8-hour sleep every night. Less sleep means more fatigue and more frustration throughout the day. Also remember the importance of laughter in our life. So, laugh a lot and laugh aloud each time you get an opportunity to do so.

10) Read and Write a Lot: Reading is always a good habit. So to spend your new year with lots of happiness and positive energy you must adopt this habit of reading a lot of diverse topics. It is surely the best way of enjoying your New Year and getting enlightened at the same time.

Top 5 Issues Which Will Continue to Haunt Globally in 2016

The element of peace in human life is of utmost importance but somehow it has continued to remain elusive from the mankind. Some say it is the power politics that vitiates the global harmony but not able to recognise each other’s concerns and displaying arrogance are the two big factors that lead to conflict among the nations.

The year 2015 has been the most volatile one in recent times. Though, the countdown for Happy New Year 2016 has already begun but no one can say it with certainty that global woes of this year will not creep into next year’s calendar. It is necessary for the nations to keep a close check on the forthcoming year as it unfolds.

1) Terrorism: The term refers to a violent inhuman concept in which a group of individuals, also called fundamentalists, wish to achieve their means by way of terrorising people and carrying armed attack against the state. The 2015 saw the worst form of terrorism, when ISIS (a terror outfit) originating from the conflict-torn Syria and Iraq, has carried a number of armed attacks this year at several places. The most brutal of these ones was the Paris attack that led to loss of many innocent lives within a flash of second. The threat of terrorism is very much present next year too. Because fundamentalists are known for their cowardice behaviour and destroying human lives for no reason whatsoever. The African nations including Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia among others are frequently devastated due to terror attacks. Though, there is no readymade solution to this threat but visionary leadership and long term political stability in the nation could be helpful to combat terror.

2) Recession: Economists are not too optimistic about global economic scenario for 2016. They are of the view that global growth would be less than 2 per cent and rise in unemployment in developed and developing nations seems very imminent. Another major point of worry is the devaluation of the Yuan by the Chinese government. Big economies of Brazil, Russia and China may experience more economic downturn in the coming days.

3) Environmental Threat: The images of destruction of the Nepal earthquake is still afresh in everyone’s mind. This natural catastrophe led to loss of massive human lives just within a few minutes in April this year. The magnitude of the Nepal earthquake was so huge that the nation faced a lot of aftershocks repeatedly after that fateful day. Environmentalists have cautioned that the way nature is being harmed by human beings in the name of development; the rampant environmental degradation worldwide could actually lead to a lot more survival threat for human beings such as soil erosions, flood, global warming and pollutions in the near future.

4) The Great Refugee Crisis: According to Eurostat, the EU statistics agency, more than 700,000 migrants have entered Europe this year from conflict-torn regions of Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. It created unnecessary burden for the self sustained EU economy but they have to welcome migrants for humanity clause. With more migrants are expected to enter Europe next year there is an ongoing tension among the EU nations rising due to unbalanced burdens faced by Hungary, Greece and Italy – it is only expected to fuelled more in the coming days. Refugee crisis has definitely imbalanced peace in Europe and the continent is yet to arrive at a solution to this problem.

5) Third World War: Russia’s entry into Turkish airspace through “the Su-24” and its shoot down by Turkey’s administration is currently being viewed as the run-up to imminent third world war. However, that is not the only reason that fuelled up tension between Turkey and Russia. Turkey along with the US and other countries has always been against Russia for the latter’s continuous support to Syria’s Assad regime. On the other hand Turkey wants to expand its influence and prevent the formation of Kurdish state on the Syrian border. Though, it is expected that both Russia and Turkey will walk the tight rope with utmost caution and ease the tensions between them but one more provocation from either side could transform the nightmare of third world war a reality.

Does New Year Eve Make You Depressed?

We are back at a time when clock takes forward steps but somewhere our memories compel us to look back. This is the irony of fate. On one hand people welcome the New Year with open hearts; there are several others who actually view the last weekend of the year and New Year’s Eve with suspicion.

More than anything else, this is actually a psychological syndrome. It is an unexplained behavior of certain individuals that they feel so depressed every time New Year’s Eve in round the corner. Though, there are no easy answers to it but some consider that the various hypes and campaigns in run up to New Year celebration make people more depressed.

Though, it is ideal to take life as it comes, following are few major factors that create some sort of imbalances in human mind on realizing that previous year is getting passed but he or she hasn’t accomplished what they had wished to.

1) Not Able to Enjoying Big Parties: This has emerged out to be the most common cause of disappointment among people on New Year’s Eve. There can be many reasons why a person may not be able to enjoy his New Year party; may be because he or she recently went through the pains of break ups or has recently lost his close relative or he or she might not have enough money to enjoy so. It’s quite easy to cope up with the same – simply call your acquaintances or friends any day after the New Year and enjoy the party.

2) No Relaxation on the day: Sometime, it just becomes scary to even think of New Year’s Eve. On this day, friends would listen nothing and force you to enjoy the so called midnight parties while you may be willing to spend the whole day at bed reading your favorite classics.

3) Indulging in Alcohol and Drinks: Some guys just get disturbed with the thought of engaging in extravagant New Year parties and having all sorts of intoxication which some people of course find offensive and immoral. They want to stay away from these things. They may feel dejected on the thought of engaging in such unethical things.

4) Resolutions Broken: This is absolutely not the suitable time to realize that you have broken quite a few resolutions that you have taken last year. Always remember the simple saying that “let be gone by gone”. Rather feeling disappointed about your broken resolutions you should actually set the new ones or just be determined enough to fulfill them this year but don’t think about this things on New Year’s Eve. Start setting goals on another day.

5) New Year Kiss: It has become a norm for the couple to indulge in lip-lock during New Year holidays but you don’t need to curse this beautiful life if you don’t have a romantic partner to date with rather I suggest you to simply avoid going to couple’s party and enjoy a bachelor or bachelorette party instead. As far as that kiss is concerned gift it to someone whom you find best and appropriate and not the one just for the sake of show-off.

6) Not Enough Money for Celebration: One thing that you can always avoid is the excessive show off. If you don’t have enough money to visit costly restaurants or five-star hotel or even bars, then admit this fact and move on. Just lock yourself inside a room and enjoy the way you want – with family members or alone listening to popular Hollywood songs or films of your choice.

7) New Year Euphoria Stays Short: Basically, all the euphoria, party and excitement and jubilations start diminishing once the clock strikes 12”0 clock on the New Year’s eve. Then the same old story from last year comes back – partying for a couple of hours more and you will get back to your home tired and drowsy.

8) Hectic Transportation: If you are a busy individual and have to move here and there on the New Year’s Day then there is a possibility that you will find it difficult to get a new cab because it will cost you a lot of buck. Also on this day, you will have to find the right guy driving the vehicle for your safety. Drunk driving is very common during celebrating New Year.

9) Calories Count: Unleashing yourself in tasty and mushy pancake and desserts is not right as far as your health is concerned. Just a week back you had several heavy meals during Xmas celebration, and it becomes more depressing to see that people make all kinds of resolution to stay fit but starts the year with all kinds of junk foods.

10) No New Year for Poor: Finally, there is no New Year for the poor; this is the single most tragedy associated with every New. It doesn’t bring happiness to everyone. While rich enjoy the occasion to fullest, the poor at same time will curse his life.