How to Decorate Your Home for New Year without Spending a Penny

Every one of us wishes to offer a spectacular look to our homes during Christmas weekend and especially on New Year’s Day, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do so, especially when you think about those costly products that you may have to buy from the market to decorate your house.

However, you can decorate your house absolutely free using your imagination and creativity. Here are the top 10 ideas by which you can decorate your home in an easy and magnificent manner without spending a penny.

1) Set Your Priority: In the name of interior decoration, people use to spend several bucks without realizing which room or area is the priority. For example; if you spend most of your time at living room, then it’s absolutely useless to decorate the other rooms that much attractively as this one.

2) Re-use the Useless Items: Using simple creative ideas, you can quickly transform your glass bottle into a vase or even a tin for keeping useful stuffs like pens, pencil and several other things as well.

3) Photo Frames: Pictures are the moments, pictures are the memory and most importantly, photos can give a complete new look to your house as well, when you wish to beautify your house. This New Year, replace your old photos with the newer ones and see how your room transforms into a royal palace.

4) Re-arranging Furniture and fittings: You can give a new look to your home simply by rearranging your furniture from one room to another. For example; you can move your sofa from the drawing room to the living room and so on. You can also fill open space with chairs and tables. It does look good.

5) Greetings Card: Don’t throw your greetings card into dustbin. In fact, you can actually offer a great look to your home by displaying them in clusters on a bookshelf at your drawing room.

6) Put your Artifacts to Use: If you are the one who love history and culture, then New Year is exactly the right time to put all your artifacts on display at the shelf or showcase. It makes your house look classy and brilliant.

7) Do it Yourself: Whether you have enough skills of interior decoration or not is a secondary matter but you can definitely save a lot by not hiring the service of a specialist or interior decorator. Rather you can learn this art simply by following youtube videos or reading some reliable blogs.

8) Colorful Fruits: You will be absolutely surprised to know that fruits can be part of your interior decoration. Put a vase on a table on your drawing room and keep all colorful fruits such as apples, oranges and limes inside it. This gives a stunning look to your house.

9) Accessorize Your Bathroom: Keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Don’t forget to put clean curtains on your bathroom door. You can also use your painting skills and draw some beautiful scenery on the wall to let it look more stunning and wonderful.

10) Flowers: It’s more than a blessing to have a garden. Apart from vegetables that you can obtain here without any cost, you can also use your home grown flowers for decoration purposes as well. Keep flower pots at both sides of the door to mesmerize your guests and give a new dashing look to your house.

Where Will World Economy Head in New Year

A lot of people would be busy setting their goals for the upcoming year, but it is important to know where the world will head on the economic front in 2016. Despite all speculations and humongous economic woes, year 2015 has been one of the calmest ones in recent times – the post recession era. Big economies including China and India have successfully taken their GDPs (Gross Domestic Product) to around 7 per cent this year being closely followed by other Asian nations as well.

There is a good indication for the US economy as well since the nation has registered 2.7 per cent GDP growth this year with the possibility of following upward growth trends in the next couple of years as well. However, the future of US economy will actually depend upon the result of the 45th Presidential poll to be held sometime in November 2016.

What The Experts are Saying

According to the World Bank forecast, global economic growth rate is set to achieve around 3.5 percent growth in 2016, the highest in the last five years. If the world achieves even that much expansion in economic growth in the new year it will be a remarkable achievement because the world economy couldn’t take its growth rate to 3 per cent since 2012.

Considering the recent economic improvement that has been taking place across the globe and especially in Asia, the world economy might hopefully come out of the dark days of recession. However, there are still some concerns about the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike possibility which might result in strengthening of dollar and reduction in imports by the developing nations from the US.

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum (WEF) summit on Global Agenda 2015, the UAE sounded very optimistic about the coming year hinting greater acceleration of financial growth in Asia including the Middle East, India, and China.

World Bank Forecasts and Estimates for 2016: Top 10 Nations

Source: World Bank Data 2015

Source: World Bank Data 2015

The Conclusion & what’s in Store?

It’s superficial to assume that the World Economy will climb too high in the next year. In fact, it’s the take-off stage and the global economic scenario will improve but only after a couple of years more. Though, the US economy looks much more robust now but it can’t register 5 – 6 per cent GDP growth rate immediately. The US economy will take its own time to reach up to that level.

China’s bit economic downturn in recent times may affect its GDP growth prospect in the coming year. Goldman Sachs has estimated 6.4 per cent economic growth for China instead of 7 % that others are saying. Similarly, Continuous fall in demand and corresponding decline in the level of consumption in Japan is set to hurt the Japanese economy more. A series of further economic reforms is expected in the land of rising sun.

European economy will once again remain volatile due to ongoing the refuge crisis and Greece debt fiasco. These two problems will overall affect the Scandinavian nations and might impede the growth rate in the region in 2016. The effort should be towards implementing structural reforms in developed countries including these ones to infuse new vigor into the European economies.

Russia, on the other hand, may suffer to some extent due to its involvement in Ukraine-Crimea issue and then again its armed fight against ISIS (terror outfit) in Syria. BRIC countries including Brazil, Russia, India and China will be the key to the success of world economy in 2016. These nations account for more than the 60 percent of world GDPs, hence it is important for these countries to consolidate their economies and perform well on the front of economic growth and development to pave the way for a fruitful and prosperous world economy in the forthcoming New Year.

Ten Tips to Save Money in New Year

The New Year 2016 is approaching fast and most of us would be thinking about the resolutions to be taken on the first day of the year. I’m sure the first thing to be on the top of our minds is to keep a check on our spending habits. But it’s easier said than done. We always find much enjoyment in being extravagant not realizing priorities and goals before us.

Honestly speaking, it is always a difficult task to take the first step but there is no full stop once you are determined enough to move in that direction. We do a lot of activities in our daily life, but we rarely dedicate enough attention towards saving money. In the following paragraphs some essential tips of saving money are given that readers can easily follow in their everyday lifestyle.

1) Budget: Make your own budget for each month. The process is simple identify, calculate and allocate. Always remember that nothing comes without cost in this world. Hence, you should always maintain a record of what you buy or spend. Once you get the idea, then save a few bucks for emergency fund every month so at the end of year, you have enough funds to buy stocks or invest in gold.

2) Bye-bye Bad Habits: You might smoke a lot, but to be blunt this is nothing but wastage of your hard-earned money. The same goes with Alcohol as well, occasionally you may indulge in drinking beer or vodka with your coolest buddies but don’t make it regular. Both smoking and drinking involve huge expenditure and are not good for health either.

3) Selection of Bank: Opening a bank account is the first step towards ensuring the safety of your money. There are several banks that offer good interest on deposit and charge no operational fees either; hence you should also open a saving account with such a bank at the earliest.

4) Gardening: Having a garden is more than a blissful feeling. It can be rewarding as well. I suggest you to plant some easy-to-grow vegetables including pumpkin, gourd, brinjal, tomatoes, spinach and potatoes. After a few months of proper plantation you will obtain a lot of fresh vegetables without any extra cost.

5) Residence: It is important to reside in locality where the cost of index is low. There are a lot of such localities or colonies in the US and other parts of the globe as well. This overall reduces your cost of living offering you a lot of money for saving and investment.

6) Be Inquisitive: Thanks to videos and online tutorials, learning new things is quite simple. Learn some simple DIY (do-it-yourself) steps at home such as fixing your computer virus, correcting electric problems and others. By learning these simple yet useful things you can actually be able to save a few dollars in case these problems arise in future.

7) Save Water and Electricity: Judicious use of water and electricity is important. This not only saves a lot of money but is also considered as the noble way towards doing something for the society to preserve electricity and water for future generations as well.

8) Avoid Shopping Malls: Many of us get fascinated with so many choices at departmental stores. But in order to save your money, my idea is to completely avoid going to malls. These stores encourage conspicuous consumption and may result in making lots of expenditure towards buying things which are not necessary.

9) Cleanliness: Many of us can actually stay absolutely hearty and fit by keeping ourselves clean and tidy. The basic step is to keep your hands clean and sanitized as far as practicable. This keeps you fit and healthy preventing you from making heavy medical expenses.

10) Home-Made Food: This New Year, you should resolve to eat homemade food only. It will not only keep you disease-free but also keep the harmful effects of fast food and other street foods at bay.

Top Investment Strategies for New Year

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, but it’s your spending habit and investment that do so.”

The above quote amply justifies the need to follow proper saving habits and follow up it with astute investment strategies to stay wealthy and rich irrespective of the global investment climate. From the last half a decade the world is constantly witnessing recession, hence it has now become utmost important to manage one’s income properly.

The year 2015 has been one of the calmest years for investors in recent times. Amid various speculations and rumors the year has now come to an end (of course with 2 months remaining), with stock markets following bullish trend and overall improvement in investment scenario; the year 2016 has much more to offer;

1) Federal Reserve: You have to keep a close watch on Federal Reserve Hike expected to be announced any time next year. You shouldn’t invest in bonds if the rate is hiked by Federal Reserve.

2) Long Term Plans: It is often said that investment is a long term goal. But investors often buy out from a stock once they see that the share price of stock goes down. It is not strategically right. You should not get swayed away by temporary fluctuations in stock market.

3) Diversify Your Investment: There is a famous dictum that a prudent investor should never lay his all eggs in the same market. It is necessary to diversify your investment in several schemes and stocks as much as possible.

4) Invest in Mutual Fund: Most of us want to earn high rate of interest and dividend without bearing the risk of loss. But it’s almost impossible to imagine a lot of dividend without an element of risk. For cautious investors investment in Mutual Fund is the key. As an experienced fund manager manages your fund and allocate the portfolios as per the market trends.

5) Focus on Internal Trade: With rise in the value of US Dollar People should focus on internal trade rather than the overseas markets. Exports might suffer as underdeveloped nations will curtail their imports due to strengthening in US dollar vis-à-vis their own currencies.

6) Invest in Rising Economies: Investors have lots of opportunities to gain by investing in emerging markets. You can invest in mutual fund that focuses on investing in big rising economies such as India, Russia, china and Brazil.

7) Capital Loss: It is amply suggested to keep a tab on your capital gains and losses. You can use the amount of such losses strategically by booking tax losses and offsetting your future capital when you sell your investment at a gain.

8) IRA: Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is also a good option for the investors who wish to do their retirement plans in advance. It provides certain tax advantages that allure people to invest in such schemes.

9) Invest at Early Age: Long term investment is the best investment strategy hence you should straightaway jump into investing the spared money once you cross the age of 18 or have started earning money. Learn to be patient and be ability not to get scared with initial investment hiccups.

10) Invest in Banks: One of the oldest forms of investment, it is always a good option to invest in the schemes launched by banks from time to time for its saving deposit and cumulative deposit scheme. They pay lesser rate of interest but your investment remains safe and liquid at the same time.

Ten Fashion Trends Expected in New Year

Fashion is unstoppable. It’s ever evolving and interestingly what’s trending today might be old-fashioned tomorrow. We are all aware that creativity is infinite; similar is the case of fashion as well. It transcends all regions and the scope of imagination.

Fashion designers come out with new creations every now and then. We are officially 60-70 days away from witnessing the first dawn of 2016, it is essential to know some of the latest and fantastic fashion trends that are set to rule the upcoming New Year. Once you familiarize yourself with the trends it would be easy for you to get accustomed to the same.

1) ALIVE: This fashion trend is all about life and getting inspired from simple things around us. Nature is supreme and Alive theme is based upon reflecting the elegance of nature on the wardrobe in the form of plant texture, ethnic print and many more.

2) Global Commune: This trend encompasses all such things that make our free spirits come alive. Life of hippies in the 1960s era is the best to reflect this attitude. In a way this fashion trend salutes the spirit of bohemian tradition in which people do not refrain from speaking and doing whatever comes to mind.

3) Orange Color: It’s certain that orange is set to rule the upcoming 2016. The color might look heavy on your lips, but orange has its own charisma and charm. Several fashion designers have exhibited orange in variety of shades in the last few months on a constant basis highlighting the gleam that this color adds to each outfit.

4) Island Theme: This is an interesting trend which is set to get reflected throughout 2016. Some elements to be included in this theme are bucket hats, hibiscus prints, etc. You have seen this fashion in the Caribbean island.

5) The Half-Moon Bag: It is well known that a fashion statement is incomplete without a handbag, but this time fashion designers have come out with the new innovative half-moon design on their bucket bags. Several models have tried half-moon bags in the fashion shows held in the recent past.

6) Innovative Colors: Over the last few months new colors are trending including the classic pure white, black, etc. It almost seems that the 1970s era is back but with larger choice such as pale pinks, tranquil yellows and others.

7) Stripes: Be it multicolored or single colored stripes, the future of 2016 belongs to stripes. Though, the outfit with stripes is often treated as unofficial for males but you can still don this patterned attire because it’s inviting attentions all around.

8) Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits would be certainly trending in 2016. Ideally, light-colored jumpsuit works better for girls. The outfit is worn by girls all across the globe.

9) Less is More: The concept of having less and light makeup is evolving these days. Many models can be spotted with just a little foundation on face, defined brow and lipstick and not heavy make ups that we observed in the past.

10) Pjama: This Asian attire has gone global. Now it’s an emerging trend among men to try wearing Pjama for official and non-official event. It won’t be wrong to say that 2016 is set to be the year of ultra sophisticated and stylish Pjama to be worn by men of all ages. The wardrobe has now got lots of fans worldwide.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions around the World

Valentine’s Day Continues to mesmerize people all across the globe. It has a global appeal making it the most celebrated occasion during spring season. Whether you live in Asia,  Europe or even South Africa, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in several traditions varying from one country to another.

The exchange of beautiful flowers is the common scene that you may come across on this day, but in various countries the day symbolizes several other things as well. No matter where you are; don’t miss to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14th February, 2016. It is probably the only occasion which globally celebrates the relevance of love in our life.

Here is the list of Valentine’s Day traditions throughout the globe;

1) Brazil: People of this country are not much big fans of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Rather, the Brazilian love to celebrate Dia dos Namorados (lovers’ Day) on June 12th which is the Brazilian equivalent of V-day. The exchange of costly gifts, chocolates and flowers among couples and friends continues here from morning to night.

2) France: The country is globally famous for its capital Paris, which is considered as the city of love. You can never have such a big celebration of Valentine’s day elsewhere that you have here. However, the old French tradition of valentines day is considered as the rigid one. During those days men had the freedom to choose their female mate through Loterie d’amour’. But, men often dumped women after a few days if they couldn’t find their right mate. Following this, the women would make bonfire and burnt the pictures of those males. Considering the irrational method of selecting one’s life partner the French government had abandoned this tradition and officially banned it.

3) Denmark: Believe it or not, but the country is known for celebrating the day in unique manner. More than the chocolates or roses, people here prefer to gift fresh and mesmerizing Snowdrops flowers to each other. There is also a tradition that men send joking letters to girls called gaekkebrev anonymously. Then she has to identify the sender.

4) Taiwan: The country follows a different tradition in which roses speak louder than words. When you give 108 roses to your loved one it means “will You marry me?, but when you give 1 rose to her or him it means “you are the only love” and finally, when you give 99 roses to your sweetheart it means “you are my love forever”.

5) South Korea: This country celebrates Valentine’s Day twice a year; 1st on February 14th and then again on March 14th also called white day. On February 14th, girls give lots of presents to their soul-mates, while on March 14th male offer a lots of gifts to their sweethearts. 

6) China: The Chinese version of Valentine’s Day is called Qixi. On this day women offer delicious fruits such as melons and other fruits to Zhinu, the Chinese mythological princess, with a hope to get a good and caring husband. Married couples visit temples during night to pray for happiness and prosperity. 

7) England: On Valentine’s Day eve, English women put 5 bay leaves on their pillows with the hope of getting a glimpse of their future husband in dream. 

8) Japan: Japanese women offer Giri Choco to every male they come across to as a goodwill gesture on this day. It can be anyone; your friend, boss, colleague or even a stranger. However, in order to show her romantic feelings the girl has to give Giri Choco along with a handmade gift as well to her beloved one. Boys have to complement the same on 14th March with a beautiful present including chocolates, flowers and other gifts to their girls friends. 

9) Philippines: On this day, As per the tradition of Valentines day, several people get married with the hope of having a blessed marital life. Hence mass wedding ceremonies are very common in Philippines. 

10) Italy: The occasion is celebrated in a grandeur style on this day. Girls and boys enjoy music, poetry and good books together. According to old tradition the girls would wake up before dawn, and the sight of the first man they come across will become her husband within a year.

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Singles

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you must be feeling worry because you are single. But you don’t need to feel ashamed or worry for it. Being single or unmarried doesn’t mean you should refrain from celebrating the day; instead you should try these unique ideas to turn your Valentine’s Day into a grand occasion.

A bachelor or bachelorette often sums up their life as “single and ready to mingle,” which actually refers to their mindset of not enjoying their singlehood. Honestly speaking, most of the singles feel that way.

Let this Valentine’s Day be different, let it be the life changing one; enjoy your bachelorhood more without worrying about future.

1) Spend Time At Spa: You can straightaway reach a reputed spa on the morning of Valentine’s Day and enjoy spending few quality times with yourself. After various spa treatments and mesmerizing head and body massage you will feel a lot more rejuvenated and relaxed.

2) Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: Well, some people believe in throwing this type of party. It is basically a party to celebrate your break-ups and bachelorhood. Sometimes two people just can’t stay together resulting in break ups. This day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your singlehood with a determination to move on in life.

3) Love Your Parents: The first love you have ever felt is your parent’s love, because they brought you to this beautiful world. Dedicate this Valentine’s Day for your parents. Take them to a beautiful restaurant or park if possible. Believe me; those big smiles on their faces will make your heart filled with joy.

4) The Day for Friends: Well, I know friendship day is celebrated in the month of August, but to make your Valentine’s Day special, you can relish the day with your best buddies. By doing so you won’t feel yourself single anymore.

5) Social Service and Charitable Activity: On Valentine’s Day you get complete 24-hours to bring change in someone’s life. Don’t miss it. A single step from your side could improve another person’s life. For example; you can distribute food to poor people on this day or share some selfies with them to make them feel wanted.

6) Play With your pets: Be it your pet kitten, Puppy or rabbit they would feel happy when you enjoy some special moments with them. Frankly speaking, your pets are the loveliest creatures and they deserve your love too.

7) Greet Unknown People Strangers: Always remember to behave politely with everyone you come across, because everyone’s life is a roller coaster. Nobody has got a life without any tension. In fact, everyone has to battle it out against the life’s challenges and odds.

8) Travel: Unleash yourself into the world of unknown. Everyone craves for a destination where they wish to visit at least one’s on their lifetime. Let this Valentine’s Day be the most special for you. Simply choose your favorite destination and reach the spot on this day. I am sure you will love it.

9) Eat Good Food: Don’t forget to eat good food on Valentine’s Day. There is a simple logic behind it that until you love yourself fully how can you love others? Don’t view your bachelor hood as curse, go on and taste few of the excellent dishes on this day. It satisfies your heart to the fullest.

10) Read Good Books: It is often said that books are the man’s best friends and on Valentine’s Day don’t miss reading good novels to spend the day in a unique manner. Books will not only enlighten you with various facts, but it helps you overcome your loneliness too.




Top 10 New Year Cake Ideas

What is the one essential element without which a celebration of New Year can’t be fulfilled? Obviously, the answer is Cake. It is almost a universal norm. We are well aware that Cake is synonymous with New Year. You just can’t imagine having a glittering New Year party without sharing and relishing a delicious cake with your friends and loved ones. A wide range of cake available at the markets unites the whole world. However, it would be more awesome if you prepare this dish right at your home without visiting a confectionary shop.

Here is the list of top 10 New Year Cake Ideas by which you can prepare tasty cake at your home without any hassle. Explained in lucid language, the cake preparation at home has never been so easier. Just scroll down to know more;

1) Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cake: This cake is very tasty and offers you with the unique taste of both Raspberry and chocolate. You can prepare it just within three hours using your oven.

2) Sponge Almond Cake: It’s a lovely and very delicious, because inside the cake you will lots of surprises. The berries are filled with cake layers and other tasty stuff. It takes only an hour to complete preparing the dish.

3) Piped Buttercream Cake: As per its nomenclature this cake creates the impression of beautiful fireworks during the night sky. This colorful cake is perfect to celebrate the occasion with lots of fun and enjoyment.

4) New Year Champagne Cake: An awesome combination of Strawberries, champagne and cream, this cake is exclusive for your party at the day of New Year or its eve.

5) German Chocolate Cupcakes: The cake has its origin from Germany; these cupcakes consist of chocolate-pecan ice cream frosting and topped with caramel ice cream.

6) Black Tie New Year Cake: The cake with its unique black tie theme is the most gorgeous one you would have ever come across. Simply top it with glittery gold cake and I promise you will love it.

7) Almond Long Cake: This cake has its French history because the cake was first prepared in France. When you decide to prepare the cake don’t forget to celebrate it in French custom by burning Yule log that prevents evil spirits from entering the New Year. Almonds are a sign of bringing good luck value.

8) Chocolate Zabaglione Cream Cake: This cake is hugely popular in Italy. The presence of Zabaglione, one of the famous recipes in the country, makes it spongy and delicious as well.

9) Heart and Rose Cake: Let this New Year brings loads and loads of love in your life. It is with this belief Rose and Heart cakes are prepared and sold by various restaurants and confectionary stores on the day of New Year at several places all across the globe. No doubt, it is the most magnificent cake to nibble with your soul-mate for the romantic beginning of your new year. Don’t forget to garnish the dish with Roses, Leaves and candles.

10) Pistachio Cake: It is the most spectacular cake that you can easily prepare at your home without much effort. You need to garnish the frosted cake with grated pistachio nuts and chocolate preferably the white ones. With the goodness of pistachio it helps you start the New Year on a healthy note.

How to Say I Love You without Uttering A Word

Well, you are waiting for the upcoming Valentines’ Day as much as anyone else is doing. This is the day to propose your loved one with a bouquet of flowers and spectacular gifts. But the point here is that traditional method of proposing sounds cliché. Why not try something different this time?

It would be a brilliant idea for sure. It’s awesome in itself to convince someone that you love him or her without saying I Love You. Here are top 10 ways of saying I Love You; I mean that’s what your heart would be saying instead, while you retain a big smile on your face with no word from your mouth.

1) Remembering the D-Day: It’s always a great feeling to receive good wishes from the ones with whom we are closely attached on special day. Don’t let the opportunity of wishing your soul mate first on the important days of his life. Whether you are married or unmarried this trick is certainly useful. For example; you can wish your girlfriend on her birthday just when the clock strikes 12’o clock.

2) Gifts and Surprises: There is always something to gift to your sweetheart. After a hard day’s work you should pick something for your loved one. This could actually be anything; a pen, book, novel, burger, pizza, delicious doughnuts, Film DVDs or a gadget. Let it be surprise and keep the gift at his or her doorstep. When the surprise will be revealed both of you feel more love for each other.

3) Greetings Card: A true love doesn’t need reason. You can just keep sending each other greetings to take your relationship to a newer height. Each day you spend together is in fact a beautiful present in your life. Don’t miss the occasion. It would be more magnificent if you put some mesmerizing pictures on it.

4) Dedicate Lyrics for Each Other: We are well aware about the dictum, “a touch of love makes everyone a poet, why miss the opportunity? Keep writing love lyrics considering him or her as your muse! Believe me; when you speak about it to your loved one it will certainly fill both of your hearts with love.

5) Cooking Special Dish: It might be difficult idea for the ones who don’t know cooking, but offering a cooked dish with your own hands to your sweetheart and adding that essential element of love is very enthralling. No doubt, you are not a chef, but that effort and dedication is enough to make your partner swoon over your affectionate demeanor.

6) Be attentive: It is always a pleasure to converse in a sweet and loving manner with your loved one at relaxing time. Rather than irritating someone with frequent calls during working hours, you can alternatively talk in length with your loved one when he or she is free. Don’t forget to say I will wait for you rather than the clichés like I Love You, Good Night, Sweet dream, etc.

7) Compliment: Someone has said it right that complementing your beloved one with good and honest words is far more valuable than gold. Never forget to complement your soulmate with mesmerizing words in whatever way possible. This exchange of compliment must move from both sides.

8) Blissful Body Language: Never forget to offer those gentle touches that make him or her feel special. Also whenever you get an opportunity hug each other closely, because it is the best thing to do in love.

9) Shyness in Eye: Every time you talk to her or him let eyes do all the talk because it’s a far more special way to say I love you with eyes than the mouth. Stare at him or her in such a manner that your eyes reveal what your heart wants to speak.

10) Wall papers and Ringtones: Set your wallpaper to a picture of your loved one and change your ringtone to a romantic song. When two of you meet let the ringtone play and show your beloved one the wallpapers that you stored on the handset. Obviously this is one of the best ways to say I Love You using such a simple gesture.