Top 10 Recipe Ideas for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we love to visit restaurant and munch some absolutely delicious dishes with our loved ones. The same routine is followed almost everywhere. But preparing a lip-smacking recipe at home makes the occasion special on this day.

Cooking has always been considered as a special art that requires the essence of both creativity and affection. No dish can be prepared without adding these two elements. On Valentine’s Day, it is indeed a special and memorable moment when you offer a relishing and tasty dish to your soul-mate that you prepare with your own hand.

I can guarantee that these recipes will be more exotic and tastier than the ones that you enjoy at restaurants and food joints.

1) Chocolate Soufflé: This recipe can be easily prepared with cocoa, butter and eggs. It will take less than 1 hour to get it ready. Don’t forget to serve the dish with custard sauce. Your partner would definitely fall in love with the dish.

2) Love Heart Cupcakes: It is the most popular dish to celebrate the magnificence of Valentine’s Day. Put these heart-shaped cakes on a colorful plate. You will enjoy the flavor and taste of this amazing dish. It is the perfect dish to offer to your valentine on this day.

3) Cauliflower Steaks: This is an extremely yummy dish. It is one of the most delicious cauliflower recipes that you have ever come across. While preparing the dish don’t forget to add crushed ginger and cumin in it. It makes this recipe all the more special.

4) Oysters with Champagne Sauce: It takes less than a half-an-hour to complete the dish. Cream, salt, oysters and champagne are the important ingredients that you need while making it. The scrumptious oysters will melt both of your hearts.

5) Strawberry Love Heart Sponge Cakes: Cheese, Cream and fresh strawberries are the major elements that are required to make the dish. Believe me; you can easily prepare the dish at your home without any difficulty. The flavor of the strawberry and its pink color will turn you more romantic on this day.

6) Crisp Roasted Duck: If you wish to eat a delicious non-vegetarian dish on Valentine’s Day, than you can’t miss it out. It takes just a couple of hours to make this dish. A long duck or Pekin, salt and black pepper are all that you require.

7) Spaghetti Special with spinach: It is one of the dishes that fill your stomach and heart at the same time. It has high nutritional values as well. Add Meyer Lemon, Hazelnuts and Mascarpone and get a beautiful dish on this day.

8) Pappardelle with Mushrooms: When you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, then Mushroom will be the perfect choice. Yes, Pappardelle with Mushroom makes an awesome dish. It’s healthy, delicious and unique as well.

9) Pineapple Salmon: The process to prepare this recipe is really very simple. All you need ­­­– salmon fish, pineapple juice and soya sauce. I can bet that the flavor of the salmon soaked in pineapple juice will let your taste bud feel the ecstasy, and you will feel more hungry than ever.

10) Chicken with Lemon Potatoes: It will hardly take an hour to complete the dish. It is indeed an amazing dish that is extremely popular worldwide. It will win both of your hearts as well. Basil, lemon zest and butter are some of the essential ingredients needed to make the recipe. You can definitely prepare this dish to celebrate this auspicious day in grand style.

Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is something that stays inside everyone’s heart. Valentine’s Day is the only occasion that allows us to express our love and emotions freely on streets, restaurants and almost everywhere. However, life shouldn’t be made static and we must celebrate the occasion in a different manner each year.

1) Jewellery Showroom: You might claim this idea as weird, but just imagine that you are offering a golden ring or pendant (in heart shape) to your loved one on this auspicious day amid a lot of people. Certainly, it will make her feel special.

2) Spectacular Spa: How amazing it sounds to celebrate this day at Spa! Both of you should enter the spa together and enjoy the exotic body massage offered there. When you come out of the spa, both of you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Don’t forget to propose each other at the spa amidst soothing, calm and tranquil ambiance.

3) Romantic Long Drive: Sometimes we just need to enjoy the ride without thinking about destination. You should take a car and go out for a long drive with your soul-mate. Obviously, a long drive that goes through villages is amazing. The unpolluted atmosphere of the countryside will win your heart for sure. It is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

4) Theater: Many might think it’s strange, but it is definitely an awesome way to celebrate the occasion. Visit a nearby theater and enjoy some of the popular romantic films together. Once the film finishes just walk down to the projector and propose your loved one.

5) Museum: Definitely, celebrating Valentine’s Day in a museum is a life enriching experience. You might have rarely heard about this kind of Valentine’s Day celebration, but I can guarantee that intellectual couple will love the concept.

6) Home: We often hear the phrase that a home is where heart lies. True, there is nothing better than celebrating the occasion at home in front of your loved ones. You can decorate the home in a dazzling manner to enjoy the day better.

7) Ship: All of us love to travel by ship. The crystal clear water and a warm sunlight is all that matters. Come February 14th if you wish to experience something different this year then you can definitely choose to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on ship. In fact, many couples love to do the same every year.

8) Love Train: If you reside in Canada, then Love Train offers one of the most romantic journeys that you can enjoy with your spouse or partner on the Valentine’s Day. The 1700-Km journey from Winnipeg to Churchill will be a wonderful experience. The two day trip is full of adventure and sightseeing as the moving train passes through scenic villages and river. Don’t miss it

9) Geothermal Pool of Iceland: It is one of the most important reasons why tourists throng to Iceland round the year. Arranging a trip to Reykjavik and celebrating the Valentine’s Day at a Geo-thermal pool is certainly a memory to cherish forever. As two of you dip into the water don’t forget to chant I love you in front of a lot of visitors.

10) Exotic Restaurant: Over the last few years, there is a growing trend of celebrating the day at restaurants. People love the idea of a candle-night dinner so much that various cafes and food-joints launch several offers for couples to enjoy Valentine’s Day at these places. So, make the best of it and enjoy the day with each other.

Top 10 Unusual Places to Celebrate New Year

Every time we hear the term New Year, the images of some of the world’s famous tourist spots come to our mind. Let’s try something unique and different this time. Why should we celebrate the occasion in a similar manner that we do each year? Obviously, life becomes more special when you add adventure to it.


Enjoying the first day of the upcoming 2016 at some of the unusual places might sound strange, but believe me it would be far more enjoyable than you could even imagine. So what are you waiting for? Get your bags ready and enjoy the New Year at the most strange and unusual spots.

1) Zoo: Enjoying a holiday with those innocent animals and creatures is indeed a memorable experience for one’s lifetime. Viewing those little creatures playing with each other and yelling at you is an amazing experience in itself.

2) Walt Disney World: Spending the New Year holidays at the Walt Disney World in Florida will be a riveting experience for every one of you. Sometimes, it does feel good to become a child when you enjoy such a wonderful occasion with your children. They will certainly enjoy it. All of you can enjoy at the theme park until 1 am. Midnight fireworks and dance parties are some attractions at the park that you can’t miss out.

3) Food Festival: Just indulge in a food festival near you, during the New Year weekend. Forget everything about calories, fat and carbohydrates, and keep relishing the delicious dishes. Try some new dishes with your family and it is going to be an awesome start to a rocking New Year.

4) Musical Concert Hall: Starting the New Year with jingles and some soulful composition is indeed the best way to start the new dawn of 2016 in style. Visit the concert hall with your family members on the first day of the year and you will love each moment of it.

5) Swimming Pool: Why not enjoy the New Year’s Eve near the swimming pool at your home? Give it a try and you will love it. Decorate the area with balloons, candles and candies. All of you should sit together and enjoy the day as you want. You can sing together, cut cakes and dance until dawn. If you know swimming, then you can also enjoy swimming together.

6) On The roof: Why should you move outside when you already have a beautiful roof ? Just decorate it with a colorful carpet, variety of balloons, lights and other stuff. You can dance or even play together here. Is it not awesome to stay awake and welcome the cool dawn of 1st January as it unfolds before your eyes? A blissful experience for all of you.

7) Garden: Hats off to those who have the caliber to celebrate the New Year in a garden. Probably, this is the best way to salute the nature and our ecology. What an amazing way to start the new year on a green note by spending the occasion with green trees, plants and various flowers all around.

8) Store Room:  It’s sure to astound your mind, but there is nothing more exciting than this. Give your store room a little make-over and keep it neat and clean to fully enjoy the holiday. Bring your old memories back as you witness your old books, copies, useless wall clocks, computer, etc. Enjoy few precious moments together far from anyone else.

9) Library: Visit a library near your vicinity and delve yourself deeper inside the books. Let your children read whatever they wish for. It would be indeed an enlightening start to your new year. You can go for a bookstore if the libraries stay closed on 1st January 2016. No doubt, you will definitely love reading books on this day.

10) Stadium: New Year might be a holiday, but not for sportspersons. They play on this day too if their schedule is planned out in such a manner. We need to inspire, encourage and motivate them. It would be great if all of you go to a stadium and witness these courageous players play live in front of you all.

How to Deal with a Break-Up without Hurting Your Ex

Human life is dynamic. You don’t know what will happen next. In our love life too, various complications arise from time to time. Sometimes, two good persons just can’t stay together and break-up is the only way to move forward. Just as there is no readymade formula for a happy living, similarly there is no straight forward solution to avoid break-up.

It is essential for every one of us to realize the intricacies of a relationship and keep strengthening the same. However, it is easier said than done. The complexities of a relationship is not that much simple. The focus should be to stay strong during break-up and deal with it without hurting yourself or your Ex.

1) Moments and Memory: You should immediately erase all memories that two of you have once shared. I know it’s difficult but you have to fight it out. You must throw away all the love letters and costly gifts from your room that he or she has given you – so that these don’t affect you anymore.

2) No One is Responsible: Once you decide for a break-up, then it is absolutely pointless to hold your ex responsible for it. Accept it as a bad dream and move forward. You need not call your ex again and again and hold him responsible for the break up. It will only create more confusions and tensions into the minds of both of you.

3) Family and Friends: They are the ones who know you well. Hence, you should spend more time with them. They are always ready to help you out in tough times. So you can trust them and share your pains with them.

4) Feel the Pain Alone: Most of us go through the phases of break-up at least once in our lifetime. So, you shouldn’t blame yourself nor should you keep a grudge against your ex. These things do happen in life. It is better to experience it all alone. This emotional reaction or pain does continue for months but it becomes the source of your motivation in future.

5) No More Meet: It does seem easy that two lovers stay as close friends post break-up but reality speaks something else. To be honest, if you meet your ex again and again then it will only worsen your relationship further. Certainly, your ex will now doubt about your intentions more. Even if you don’t have any such thought in your mind. You might end up being termed as a stalker.

6) Choose a Career: Every one of us has a dream to be a successful person in life. Nothing sounds better than being successful. You should start working towards fulfilling your career ambitions even when things do not move smoothly in your relationship. Remember those who stand tall after a break-up and volatile relationship is considered as true winner.

7) Being Honey Bee: You should aim to work round the clock and keep yourself busy post break-up. Honey bees are the best examples that stay busy round the clock. You should also stay busy and active round the clock, so that your mind could avoid thinking about the hardship of break-up with which you recently went through.

8) Weaving Words: Not all are born writers. You can definitely make the pen your best friend as you write all the difficult things and the sweet memory that you experienced. It will let your heart feel light. Who knows your personal true story might become all time best seller.

9) Entering into a New Relationship: Nobody is advising you to start a new relation straightway, but after a certain period of time when you feel that normalcy is slowly returning to your life then you can definitely try building a healthy and new relationship.

10) Exercises and Meditation:  A good amount of exercise and meditation is   important for everyone. This will not only keep you physically fit but help you stay calm and peaceful too. Meditation has always acted as a stress-buster so you should concentrate on one or two hours of meditation everyday to keep yourself in the best of your mind and spirit. With the power of meditation, slowly and slowly you will able to come out of the shock of break-up even if it has broken you emotionally.

Top 10 Historical Places to Visit this New Year

Every one of us wants to enjoy New Year and ensure that it’s more exciting than the previous one. We are now literally just a little more than 100 days away from witnessing the new dawn of 2016. Let the upcoming New Year be exhilarating and enlightening one. Kick-start the new year in style and visit the historical places that you haven’t seen before. It would be absolutely fantastic to delve deep into the pages of ancient era and learn a lot of new things. At the same time it also offers you an opportunity to see new places.


Here are some of the best historical places to celebrate new year:

1) Stonehenge, England: This historical structure is believed to be more than 3000 years old. Located near Salisbury in England, the stones of the structure belong to Wales. Historians and scientists are still clueless to reveal more about the Stonehenge mystery.

2) Taj Mahal, India: One of the finest works of the Mughal Period, Taj Mahal is the perfect historical destination when you are on your trip to India. Located in Agra on the banks of river Yamuna, this historical monument was built in the 1600s by Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his deceased wife. This UNESCO world heritage site is a must see historical spot for everyone.

3) Machu Picchu, Peru: Probably, the last remnant of Inca civilization, Machu Picchu is certainly a historical structure that takes your mind to a few thousand years back. This UNESCO world heritage site is located in Peru and attracts several tourists round the year. Visiting the site on a New Year day is amazing in itself. It is declared as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

4) The Great Wall of China: This world famous historical monument was built for the protection of Chinese empire against the invaders. Most of the walls surrounding the structure is believed to have been built around 7th century BC. The structure of the monument is made up of brick, stone. Wood and other materials.

5) The Potala Palace, Lhasa: If you have decided to spend the New Year near in China, then don’t forget Potala Palace located in Lhasa at the Tibet Autonomous Region of the country. Lozang Gyatso – the fifth Dalai Lama, was the founder of Potala Palace as he erected the monument in 1645. It has continued to remain as the chief abode of Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama, who went to Dharamsala (India) during the Tibet uprising of 1959. Now, it is a famous museum.

6) Acropolis, Athens: It is often said that Greeks were the most articulated architect during the ancient times when the world was entirely unaware of town planning. The Acropolis Hill is the most important cultural monuments in Athens, the capital of Greece. It is believed that the historical monument was built around 5th century BC when Greek art and creativity was at peak.

7) Statue of Liberty, US: The statue has almost become synonymous with the concept of freedom and democracy. In 1886, France gifted it to the United States to strengthening the message of democracy and liberty all across the world. Sometimes it feels strange that how a simple statue speaks so many things and inspired so many nations worldwide.

8) Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy: If you are on your voyage to Italy during New Year weekdays then don’t forget to see this historical monument. The Leaning Tower, located in Pisa (Italy) is nothing short of an architectural marvel. Strangely enough it is leaned at one side – beyond the theory of gravitational pull of earth. The construction of the building took around two hundred years for its completion. The construction of Leaning Tower was started in 1173 and completed in 1372.

9) Colosseum, Italy: This landmark monument is located in Rome and was built in the 1st century AD. As of now it is more than 2000 years old. It was once considered as the largest Roman auditorium in the whole world. It hosted several fights among the gladiators during the Middle Ages.

10) Arc de Triumph, France: This New Year day visit this historical monument and celebrate a silent new year in loving memory of French soldiers – brave souls who lost their lives for France during French revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The names of all French generals are engraved on this iconic French historical structure.