How to Celebrate New Year at Home

The year 2015 is set to say sayonara to us as it paves the way for the blissful 2016 to touch our lives with all the goodness of the world. While you may have several ideas to celebrate the first dawn of Happy New Year, but enjoying the whole day with your family and near and dear ones will surely be a cherishing moment for lifetime.


Don’t need to look here and there. Let the fresh beginning of 2016 starts with a grand celebration with your family at home. It’s probably the time when everyone forgets his or her hectic life schedule and just indulges in the New Year Parties with family and friends. Travelling and dining at hotels are quite common, let’s try something different this time.

1) Greet Each Other: The first thing that you should do in the morning of New Year day is to greet everyone around you with a big smile. This keeps us in the best of our mood. Let the New Year start with a cheerful spirit.

2) Decorate Your House: The first day of the year is the most memorable day in anyone’s life. Try to beautify your house with a lot of accessories and gift items on this particular day. For example, you can decorate each room of your house with lots of balloons, candles, toffees and toys. You can also use new curtains on your window and doors.

3) Fireworks: Once the clock goes past 23:59 in the night of 31st December, be ready to see the fireworks all around you. It would be more wonderful if you gaze at the riot of colors in the sky with your loved ones.

4) Wear New Dresses: You should ensure that everyone in the family wears magnificent new outfits on this day and looks as resplendent as ever. How amazing it would be to see everyone in new dresses and reflecting vibrant colors and design on this very auspicious day.

5) Invite Friends and Their Families: When you decide to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones, then don’t miss to invite your buddies too. As we are well aware that friends are important, hence you should invite your friends and their families too for a get together to enjoy the party with more excitement and fun.

6) Good Food and Desserts: Delicious dishes are very important to have a glorious new year’s celebration at home. Make sure that the food and dessert that you are offering on this day taste awesome. The menu must have appetizers, entrees, main course and dessert in a serial-wise manner as mentioned.

7) Holiday for Pets: You might miss enjoying enough time with your pets due to your busy lifestyle. But enjoying holidays with little creatures brings in loads of happiness. Let your kitten and puppy have a little, but vivacious dresses and see the thrill on their tiny faces. Also try to play with them as much as you can to have a rocking start to 2016 for your little buddies.

8) Resolution Time: Why should you keep your resolution secret? Share it with your family members. In fact, everyone should pick any a resolution that is very important for the family as a whole. For example; all of you can resolve to spend at least half an hour in the gym every morning in 2016. Now, you should ensure that everyone follows the same.

9) Playing Games Together: How many times have U played games with your family? Probably very less. On the New Year holidays all of you should enjoy some quality time playing with each another. Be it Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis or even Football, you will love it for sure.

10) Watching Good Movies: Recreation is one of the basic reasons why people wish to have more holidays in a year. On Christmas and New Year holidays, you can enjoy some beautiful films with your family members at home. For example; all of you can watch interesting movies together such as Chronicles of Narnia, Hobbit, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Shrek and many more.

Five Tips to Propose Him This Valentine

Sometimes guys are too shy to express their feelings, especially when they are pretty conservative with love and relationships. In such a case, it’s the girl who has to take the first step to convey her feelings which are most probably similar to the guy. On the contrary, there are times when a girl is totally confused whether the guy she likes, likes her too. If she has failed to figure that out, then there is no other option but to propose the guy and wait for his reply. But before the reply comes your way, you can make your proposal look incredible and so amazing, that the guy is flabbergasted and falls for her.


To make your proposal more interesting, here are five tips to propose him:

1. Time to Do Something New

What is new? It’s something that you haven’t tried. Go out to enjoy some adventure sports and as and when you find the most appropriate time to disclose your emotions, just lay it out and surprise him. It will catch him off guard and of-course he was not expecting this, so you can give him a nice hug and tell him to take it slow, just in case he is too shocked!

2. Cook A Special Dish for Him

We all enjoy tasty and mouthwatering food and especially the ones coming from our lover. If you really wish to surprise your partner and propose him, then make it look like a cherry on the cake after an incredible dinner. If you don’t know to cook, then sorry to say, YOU NEED TO LEARN! Cooking is really important, it comes really handy for both, girls as well as boys and without a doubt, girls love to eat the food cooked by him as much as guys love to eat the food cooked by her.

3. An Honest Conversation

On a fine evening, sit next to him like you usually do and hold his hand while you look up into his eyes.   Make it look like any other conversation, but make sure your eyes are constantly looking at his and that your heart, mind and soul are all focused on him. Tell him what you feel about him, tell him why you like him, tell him what excites you about him and tell him why you love him before you finally take the step to come closer to him and put your heart out with those three most important words ever exchanged between two lovers.

4. His Hobbies

What are his hobbies? Does he love mountaineering? Or simply walking on the beach. Just as you enroll into some of his hobbies with him, take some time to think of the most beautiful moment in those activities. Just when you find that moment, you know what to do next.

5. On a Date

Not as simple as it may seem, even though the simpler the better. Proposing on a date has always been the most common one and I won’t say it has lost its charm, but yes, if you really wish to propose her on a date, you might have to plan the proposal with more intensity because to make things look unique, all you need is the mixture of proper ingredients.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for New Year 2016

What is the best way to begin a New Year? Unanimously, most people will agree that going to new places is the finest thing to do on New Year’s day. There are several tourist spots across the globe that you can try to visit on the first day of 2016.


The best thing about travel is the enthusiasm and thrill that keep you excited. Just imagine how beautiful is it to see new places, meet new people and knowing many unknown facts, culture and ritual. The top 10 destinations to spend your New Year Holidays are as follows;

1) Helsinki, Finland: The most fascinating fact about European cities is their sizzling tranquility. This is something that instantly soothes your mind and heart. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is one such city. The art, culture and architecture of the place will compel you to fall in love with it. Throng to Senate Square in Helsinki as it gears-up to welcome the first dawn of January 2016.

2) Cape Town, South Africa: It’s truly a perfect destination to kick-start the blissful morning of 2016 with lots of fun, excitement and enjoyment. Cape Town attracts thousands of visitors to its land on New Year holidays. Don’t miss visiting The V&A Waterfront; it looks truly amazing during New Year holidays.

3) Tokyo, Japan: The capital city of Japan offers splendid scenery to visitors. Tokyo is hugely popular for its temples, monasteries and shrines. For New Year holidays, popular DJs will surely let you dance with their rocking music composition. Imperial Palace is a must watch place in Tokyo. Don’t miss it.

4) Patagonia, Chile: The lush greenery all around the region makes it traveler’s paradise in true sense. It is landlocked between Argentina and Chile in the continent of Latin America. Ushuaia and Perito Moreno Glacier are the two most spectacular holiday spots in Patagonia.

5) Hawaii, US: It is the largest island in the United States. Celebrating Christmas weekend in this island is nothing short of accomplishing a dream. Whether you wish to go for a yacht ride or simply enjoy some precious moments in its exotic beaches, Hawaii has a lot to offer on New Year holidays.

6) Vienna, Austria: Enjoying a holiday in Vienna is an amazing opportunity. Delve yourself into the melodious world of music and start the New Year on a musical note. From Beethoven’s symphony to other music, you can enjoy various musical concerts in this place. The wonderful musical concert in the Viennese Hall on first January will fascinate you for sure.

7) Madeira, Portugal: The wonderful landscape of this mesmerizing Portuguese island is certain to win your heart. Madeira looks more magnificent during holiday season. The climate of the place is very captivating as well. Getting an opportunity to know the enthralling Portuguese culture and architecture in Madeira will be a cherished memory for a lifetime.

8) Sydney, Australia: Enjoying New Year holidays in Sydney is a charming experience in itself. If you plan to go for a vacation, then Sydney is definitely a wonderful option. Welcome the fresh morning of 2016 with gusto at the enchanting Harbor Bridge. It’s amazing.

9) Las Vegas, US: The city is very famous for its scintillating nightlife. Las Vegas is often touted as the entertainment capital of the world. You will get the opportunity to participate in many activities here, especially on the New Year’s Eve. You can play Casino, cards and many other exciting games. You can also enjoy some exclusive dishes at restaurants in Las Vegas.

10) Brussels, Belgium: Brussels has definitely emerged out as the most attractive holiday destinations all across the globe. It’s amazing if you are able to celebrate the beginning of 2016 here. Atomium is the most beautiful architectural wonder that you shouldn’t miss out in your sojourn in Brussels. This beautiful structure is the replica of iron crystals. It is one of the most stunning structures in the entire Europe. Visit it on a New Year’s day, and you will love it.

Top 10 Movies to Enjoy this New Year 2016

You have plenty of options to make the New Year of 2016 awesome. You can throw a party, go for a vacation trip or you can simply enjoy the day with your family. Christmas weekend is coming soon and you can definitely enjoy some of these ever enchanting Hollywood movies with your family members.


Collect the DVDs of these films and enjoy watching them. The list of the top 10 most enthralling Hollywood movies is given below;

1) Titanic: Every time you mention the great movies of Hollywood, the name of Titanic is sure to be there. The brilliant direction of James Cameron throughout the film will definitely make you mesmerized. It’s a heart touching fictional event about the unfortunate sinking of Titanic, world’s biggest with ship, with more than 1500 people on-board in 1912 in Russia. Even if you have already watched it, you can still enjoy the movie on first January to relive the excitement one more time. 

2) Avatar: The one-of-its-kind science fiction drama was released in 2009 and the film is truly remarkable. It will take you to a strange world in front of strange characters – Paraplegic Marine. The film was directed by world famous director James Cameron. It’s definitely an interesting family movie which you all of you can enjoy watching together.

3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: This famous film is based on the script of Roald Dahl’s novel. Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore, are in the lead roles. The film was released in 2005 and instantly became superhit. Though, it is categorized as children’s film but adults will also like the movie.

4) Jurassic World: Mind you, the film is far more thrilling than Jurassic Park, released two decades back. Both films might relate to human’s battle against the gigantic creature – Dinosaurs, but this year’s released Jurassic World has the combination of finest graphics and multimedia. The film will not give you a single moment to even blink your eyes.

5) Cindrella: It’s a heart touching tale of Ella – a young girl who had to face the hardship of life after the unfortunate death of her father. However, in the end Ella’s life takes a dramatic turn. The film is truly awesome and can be enjoyed with the family.

6) Frozen: The movie is a refreshing one. It may give you a perfect start to the New Year with lots of optimism, hope and positive attitude. The film is adapted from The Snow Queen, a mesmerizing story written by the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. The movie unfolds the journey of a princess to find her estranged sister.

7) Lake Placid Series: If you are looking forward to an exciting and nail-biting story, then you can go for it. You can watch any film from the Lake placid series as every film in the series is not only interesting but is immensely entertaining as well. It will keep you thoroughly engaged and entertained too.

8) Tomorrowland: As we step our feet to the unknown days of 2016, it would be amazing to start the day with a very interesting film – Tomorrowland. The film will take you to the unknown land of robots. This 2-hour movie is definitely an exhilarating one. Brad Bird’s direction in the film is completely awesome.

9) Australia: This epic film is all about the ever-enchanting love. This can give you an excellent start to the New Year on a romantic note. The movie is set in the backdrop of Second World War. It has won numerous awards all across the globe since its release in 2008. The sweet message in the film depicts how love wins despite all odds. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Hackman’s stellar performance in the movie will surely touch your heart.

 10) Kungfu Panda Series: The sequels to Kungfu Panda have got massive success globally. The Kungfu Panda series is a perfect start to a rocking and enthralling 2016. The story of Kungfu Panda – first film of the series revolves around the dream of a giant panda’s ambition to become a Kungfu master.

Top 10 Ideas to Make Your New Year Memorable

The first day of the year is not just like any other date of the calendar but it’s a special one. The first January of every year becomes a memory to be cherished forever. Hence, it is important to enjoy the day as much as you can. However, people sometimes run short of ideas to make their New Year day the most special one.


Let’s try something different on first January 2016. Following are the top 10 ideas that will help you kick start the Happy New Year 2016. It doesn’t matter where you live but you can still make the upcoming New Year 2016 a memorable one for your friends, family and yourself too.

1) Prepare a list of Resolutions: It is often said that New Year resolutions are taken to be broken, but the same is not always true. Few people do take their resolutions seriously and abide by that for the rest of the year as well. While preparing a list of resolutions you should ensure that these are reasonable and achievable so that you could accomplish them by the end of a year.

2) A New Year Party at Home: Hanging out with friends at park or restaurant or hotel is quite common during Christmas weekend. How about enjoying each moment of the beginning of the year with your beloved family members? Just ensure that you fully enjoy the day with your family members at home. It feels good.

3) Cook a New Recipe: Let this day be the one when you bring the chief within you out and prepare a beautiful dish with whatever manner you can. I can guarantee you that no ingredients taste better than the amount of affection that you add to it. It will not only be tasty but heart-warming as well.

4) Call your Friends: Invite your friends at home in the evening of New Year day and enjoy few scintillating moments with them. Play game with them such as the crossword puzzle, dumb charade and others. If you have a field near your house, then you can try playing Football, Rugby or Badminton too.

5) Fly balloons: This may sound childish. But frankly speaking, flying balloons on January 1 has its own significance. By doing so at the New Year week, you actually welcome the goodness of 2016 to visit you with lots of enthusiasm, optimism and fresh hope. Also all the negative vibes, if any gets removed with those flying balloons.

6) A Day without Gadget: I bet you can’t do it! Can you spend the whole day of 01/01/2016 without any gadget such as camera, computer, etc.? You can rather utilize the same amount of time by spending the day doing exercise, reading novels or simply enjoy watching films with your family members.

7) Donation: Learn the art of giving. Let the New Year bring some smiles on the faces of underprivileged too. You should personally visit a slum near you and help the poor with cakes, chocolates and other gifts.

8) Do Anything Creative: Can you dare to dance or sing? It doesn’t matter whether you properly know dancing or singing or not, but at the first day of the New Year, you should try your heart out doing these recreational activities at home. It will fascinate you and your loved ones too.

9) Witness the Dawn: Staying awake from the night of 31st December to dawn of 1st January is the most amazing thing to try out this year. How spectacular is it to witness the past year goes by while the New Year enters your life with lots of fresh hope, goodness and zeal.

10) Play with your Pets: Whether you own a cat or dog, make sure that they also have a rocking start to the New Year. Give them delicious dishes to eat, and stylish dresses to wear on the first day of the year. Play a lot of games with them. No doubt, not only the pets even you will enjoy spending few memorable time with them.

Amazing Original New Year Wishes and Greetings

The New Year is round the corner and the day is not far when the whole world will witness the fresh morning of 2016. All we need are few motivational thoughts to begin the Happy New Year with gusto. This is for this very reason people love sending New Year wishes to one another.


Original wishes and greetings do the magic that normal messages can’t. The charisma of original New Year greeting still continues for the last so many years. Just imagine how fascinating it would be to greet your loved ones with an original and creative wish on the dawn of January 1st 2016.

1) Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come: So simple, but this New Year wish conveys a powerful message with full of optimism. Indeed, we need blessings everyday in our lives.

2) Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of roses, illuminated with all the lights of the world and be blessed with all the smiles on the planet. Hope this year will be the year when all your dreams come t Happy New Year 2016: Wow, the wish is so closer to heart. It mentioned all the things that are necessary for a human life. Fresh fragrance of Roses, never-ending smiles and sweet dreams; what else a person may require to enjoy his life?

3) A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself: A New Year can be compared to a fresh novel which is going to be authored by you. Make it as blissful and pleasant as you can. Remember, you are the author of it so write a beautiful story by ensuring that each day of your new year is spent with full vigor, enthusiasm and happiness.

4) Time is like a flowing river, no water passes beneath your feet twice, much like the river, moments never pass you by again, so cherish every moment that life gives you and have a wonderful New Year 2016: Make the every moment of your life as memorable as you can. Remember lost time will never come back so make the best of it.

5) We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day: Make the first day of your New Year a rocking and fantastic one, while ensuring that the rest of 364 days shall also remain peaceful, precious and successful.

6) This is the New Year, the new you: Let the obstacle of the past do not shackle your enthusiasm anymore. The past is history, you can’t change it but you can definitely better your future. Try to re-invent yourself and do as many things as possible.

7) May your dreams blossom and make you happy in many ways, Have a wonderful New Year 2016: The real mantra of enjoying a peaceful and calm life is to stay happy and ensure that others are doing the same.

8) Here is wishing that the New Year is in every way complete with happiness success and good health. And all that makes life sweet. Have you ever thought of the ingredients that make life sweet? Yes, you guessed it right. Good health, happiness and peace are three essentials for a happy living. Let the fresh dawn of New Year bring in all the success and achievement that you wish for.

9) Here’s to a wonderful new year and a warm adieu to the old, here’s to happiness, good times and cheer, wishing a very happy new year 2016: Stay happy, positive and optimist as always. And never forget to have a pleasant smile on your face throughout the New Year.

10) A glorious coming year that rewards all your endeavors a heartfelt, prosperous, promising and fulfilling future, wishing you the happiest New Year: Wishing a very blessed and successful New Year 2016 to all of you.

Top 10 Gifts for Happy New Year 2016

People love purchasing gifts for one another at the time of a year. In fact, it’s a good omen to start the year with gifts, happiness and lots of fun. It helps us enjoy few unforgettable moments of our lives with our close acquaintances.


As we are ready to write the rest of 364 days with our own deeds, even a few moments of happiness on January 1st matters a lot. The first day of January leaves an indelible impact deeper inside our hearts. It’s completely awesome to bring smiles on the faces of your loved ones. So, ensue that your New Year gift is dazzling, splendid and exceptional in all respects.

1) Green Tea: Green Tea is one of the most popular health drinks worldwide. A lot of people wake up with a cup of tea in the morning. How about gifting your friends and relatives with a beautifully wrapped box of green tea which has immense health benefits? Nonetheless, such a wonderful gift will not only make them happy but keep them in cheerful spirit as well.

2) Books and Novels: On the auspicious day of New Year it would be perfect to present books and novels to your near and dear ones. Let the brand new dawn of January 1st, 2016 enlightens us with lots of wisdom and knowledge.

3) Picture Frame: The best way to capture the best moments of your life is to grab them on reel using your camera. The same photo will look absolutely amazing in an attractive and stunning piece of picture frame. No doubt, a beautiful picture frame is one of the best New Year gifts to give somebody.

4) Home-made stuff: You can buy lots of precious material as gifts, but the affection with which you prepare a home-made item is amazing in itself. You can prepare some wonderful stuff such as candles, doll and many more at home using your creativity and imagination. You can use these items as a New Year gift as well.

5) Arrange a vacation trip: Sometimes, material pleasure fails to bring in the enjoyment that we wish to have in the start of a New Year. Definitely arranging a vacation trip for your loved ones would be the surprising gift for them at the beginning of a year. It would be a life-enriching present.

6) Melody: It is something that soothes the heart. Music refreshes your mind and let you relax. It would be awesome to gift your friends and relative with a rare collection of CDs, DVDs and album of their favorite music director or singer at the time of New Year. It’s a rocking way to begin the year with gusto.

7) Time for family: Always remember that family comes first. You might have been busy throughout the year with your work and hectic life schedule, but as the 1st January is closing in, you should keep aside few days to spend with your family members. Clear all doubt about the misunderstanding of the past and begin a fresh start of the year with your family.

8) Gadgets: Gifting costly gadgets on the day of New Year might sound cliché to many, but as a matter of fact it’s the best present that you can offer to someone on the fresh dawn of 2016. Offering your loved ones with costly and beautiful devices such as Camera or Mobile or even a Laptop will be a brilliant idea.

9) Excellent Wardrobe: Garment has always been on top of people’s minds as far as gifts are concerned. In fact, as you are ready to begin the New Year with party, song and enjoyment, it’s awesome to present your close friends and family members with a costly and charismatic wardrobe on the first January of 2016.

10) Flower Vase: Just imagine how remarkable is it to gift your near ones with a fabulous flower vase having a lot of fresh flowers with some heavenly aroma? The sweet scent of the flowers will not only change your mood, but bring in a lot of optimism, hope and enthusiasm as well at the morning of New Year.

Top 10 Flowers to Gift this New Year 2016

It is often said that where flower blooms, so does hope. True, a single flower speaks a lot of words. It raises the level of our self esteem, cheerful spirit and hope. A Bouquet of flowers is the most popular New Year gifts worldwide.


Let’s talk about some of the world’s fantastic and spectacular flowers that you can easily present to somebody as a New Year gift.

1) Sunflower: The unique look of the flower symbolizes good health, love, and optimism. Sunflower is widely regarded for its health benefits too. Whoever receives this flower on a fresh and cozy morning of New Year will fall in love with it at its first sight.

 2) Daffodils: The flower happened to be the muse of world famous poet William Wordsworth for the sheer beauty of it. Daffodils are synonymous with a fresh beginning. It’s definitely amazing to gift your family and friends with a bouquet of fresh Daffodils on the first day of a New Year. Daffodils symbolize sincerity, happiness and truthfulness.

 3) Plumeria: If you haven’t heard about it, then you have missed knowing about the Earth’s one of the most attractive flowers. Plumeria has four different types and each varies from one-another. The flower is known for its sweet smell and vibrant colors. If you want to make your New Year gift unique and smart, then a bouquet of Plumeria is a good choice to gift somebody.

 4) Dahlia: The flower is immensely popular for its blissful appearance. Dahlia is mostly available on White, Purple and Pink. You can simply pick few Dahlia flowers of various colors and tie them together. Put all of them in a single pot and your New Year gift is ready. Try it.

 5) Tulip: A Tulip is more than just a flower. The centre of a Tulip represents heart. It is also touted as the closest competitor to rose. So, you can definitely present a bouquet of fresh Tulip on 1st January 2016 to your loved ones. Apart from its sweet and fresh fragrance, the flower is famous for its cool yellow color and gorgeous look.

 6) Gazania: We often hear the idiom that ‘flowers are the sweetest gifts from the gods.’ And it’s completely true. Sometimes, world’s costliest gifts even fail to uplift one’s spirit that a bouquet of fresh flowers can easily do. Gazania, one of South Africa’s most popular flowers, is one such of its kind wonderful flower. It is also called treasure flower for its exquisiteness.

 7) Rose: It is the most ever enchanting flower that you could ever come across. Rose is widely admired for its extremely sweet smell and color. Nothing could be more elegant than a bouquet of freshly plucked rose on important days of our life such as the birthday party, marriage ceremony or even the first day of the year. A rose bouquet can be the best New Year gift to give your beloved ones on the first dawn of 2016.

 8) Orchid: One of the most vibrant flowers of all time, Orchid, continues to rule the mind and hearts of people all across the globe. The flower symbolizes the feeling of beauty, strength, luxury and love. A bouquet of original Orchids is an outstanding present. Pink Orchids are truly awesome. It a perfect New Year gift to someone whom you love very much.

 9) Water Lilies: Enthralling array of Water Lilies could instantly win your hearts at its first sight. A Lotus is one of the most common Water lilies that is widely popular for its marvelous appearance. Offering three-four pieces of fresh lotuses to your beloved one is definitely a good idea to commence the auspicious Happy New year 2016.

 10) Dianthus: This flower is extremely popular for its magnificence and beauty. You can find a wide array of Dianthus frequently in Asia and Southern Europe. These small flowers are usually found in clusters and offer a miraculous view to spectators. A bouquet of Dianthus can also be presented to someone as a New Year gift.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Self-Improvement 2016

It is that time of the year when we wish to look back and see if the past 360 days of our lives have gone as per the way we wanted or not. Mostly, the year turns out not the one that we dreamt of. However, let past be past and welcome the upcoming New Year with lots of new hope, optimism and enthusiasm.

Here are the top 10 resolutions for self-improvement. This is not simply a list of resolutions, but a sure shot formula for your success, self-improvement and personality development as well. Inner happiness is all that matters and these resolutions are indeed useful, unique and life-enriching as well.

  • Learn Something New Each Day: Well, it’s going to be a tough one. You have to stay focused and observe each and everything around you. For instance, how about learning a new recipe? At the end of the year you would be astonished to know that you already learnt more than 360 new things. Isn’t it an astonishing thing to do? 
  • Pursue your Hobby: We often wish to do something that we like, but our hectic life schedule doesn’t allow us to do so. Let’s make this New Year a special one. We shouldn’t live our life like a machine anymore. Be creative and make the best use of your time. If you like Painting, just paint, paint and Paint in your spare time. 
  • Reunion with Old Friends: It’s you who will have to take the initiative first. Gather some information about your lost friends, learn what they are doing now and try making contacts with them. Even if you manage to get only few of them back, it’s still a wonderful achievement.
  • Be Adventurous: Sometimes, life seems too boring with routine stuff. Let’s try something different and delve deep into the world of adventure. How about trying Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving and others that you didn’t experience before? 
  • Charitable Activities: There is a saying that real success is all about how many lives you have transformed. Hence, your contribution to the society is as important as your self-improvement. Be more active and take part in charitable activities on a regular basis. It doesn’t mean simply donation only, but actually participating in voluntary activities around your vicinity. 
  • Learn Foreign Languages: It doesn’t matter where you live, but learning a foreign language is always a life-enriching activity. And it is something that you retain for a lifetime. For instance if you are residing in the US and decide to learn Mandarin, doesn’t it help you understand the Chinese literature better? Hence, it’s a blissful accomplishment to learn as many foreign languages as you can. 
  • Be Polite: A polite behavior is all that matters. The way you talk is the first thing that people notice in you. You should try to stay calm, cool and polite throughout this New Year. It will not only make others feel happy about you, but it keeps you in a pleasant mood as well. 
  • Spend time With Your Family: No matter how busy you are, but you should spare some time for your family members. When you have the blessings of your family, it will make the task of reaching newer heights of success easier for you. 
  • Get Organized: Prepare a to-do list in the morning and follow the same throughout the day. Similarly, plan your holidays in advance so that no last minute rush haunts you. You should just make your life a little more organized so that things work according to the plan.
  • Enjoy Each Moment Of Life: Last but not the least, you should enjoy each moment of life. As we are well aware that life is full of surprises, so it’s completely useless to take too much stress about thinking this and that. Just stay positive in each situation and enjoy each moment of life as it unfolds.

8 Cool Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas To Make Your New Year 2016 Special

New Year is the beginning of new days, friendship, love, relationship, and so on. Exchange of priceless gifts, Parties and Get together are almost synonymous with it. How about making the New Year special with some astounding eco-friendly gift ideas?


It’s an initiative that could make the future of our climate more endearing and stable. Why not you start the trend, and become the trendsetter? These are not only environment friendly, but unique and memorable too.

1) Handicrafts: No matter how simple it may sound, but the handicraft that you prepare, speaks a lot about your creativity and imagination. Suppose you wish to gift your soulmate a piece of teddy bear (made up of cotton), then you don’t need to buy it from a gift shop, rather just make it yourself using your imagination. Isn’t it a lovely gift to present your loved ones?

2) Attractive Plants: It would be amazing to gift somebody a piece of amazing plant that is lovely, charming and emits fresh fragrances as well. It’s a wonderful gift to win someone’s heart instantly. Uniqueness of the gift does matter, especially during New Year session. Ficus plant could be the best option in this regard.

3) EcoSphere: Let this New Year be special and green. Ecosphere is such an eco-friendly product that is the replica of the actual eco-system within which we all survive. It exhibits the same ecological balance inside a globe shaped glass. Sounds interesting? Just go and grab it today from the market. It is a perfect gift for a blessed New Year.

4) Sugar Cane Jeans: Gifting a piece of beautiful outfit on special occasions is quite common all across the globe. However, Sugar cane jean for girls is an eco-friendly wardrobe that is sure to leave you dumbstruck. You heard it right; the product is made up of sugar cane fibers and will be a perfect New Year present to surprise your girlfriend. Try it!

5) Adopt a Pet: If the cute little creatures like kitten, Red Panda, baby panda, puppy, etc. melt your heart, then this New Year has something special for you. Many wildlife organizations including WWF, Nature Conservancy, etc. offer pets for adoption. Don’t miss the chance and bring home a new member. You can keep it for yourself or even gift the same to your friends as well.

6) Pots and Dishes: We all are used to dishes and cups made of Ceramics and glass. Will it not be interesting to use pots and utensils made of clay and make it a part of our daily lifestyle this new year? Gift these pots and utensils to your loved ones and bring them more closer to the nature. It’s an amazing gift to start the year with.

7) Homemade Edible items: If you wish to make this New Year special for your near and dear ones, then don’t miss the opportunity. Make some delicious edible dishes at home using your culinary knowledge and present it to your acquaintances. You never know when your homemade jelly, cake or candy becomes the talk of the town this New Year.

8) Natural Flower pot: Preparing a natural flower vase is very simple. Take an empty pot and put some beautiful flowers in it. Try to keep as many different flowers as possible. Once you have enough flowers, then you can easily use it as a New Year gift. The fragrance of various flowers will make it truly spectacular. Try it.

In one-word it’s awesome to make the beginning of the year so special and remarkable. As you are well aware that “in the beginning everything was small”, hence a small step towards promoting green-gifts will largely help towards protecting the ecology of the planet. And yes, these eco-friendly gift ideas are just a short step to win hearts while conserving the nature as well.