10 Unusual Places for Your Next Date

Congratulations for having a successful first date, an important accomplishment in any relationship. Now, the focus in on your second date that holds the key to all future possibilities between you two. Obviously, you are either stuck with too many ideas to choose a spot for a second date, or no ideas at all. In both the cases, this write up will help you to choose a perfect spot and would also explain the reason behind the each.


1. A Waterfall

A waterfall can make up for an amazing dating experience, and especially when it’s your second one. Let the nature take over the moment and bring in more romance to add some magic between you two. Make sure you pack your picnic lunch because nothing goes well, when tummy is not well.

2. A New Restaurant

Has a new restaurant opened nearby? If yes, then that can definitely be an appropriate place for your second date. But before you decide to take your date at that restaurant, do take a trial with your friends to get assured to not screw up your second date with absurd food.

3. Arts Festival/ Museum

Another great place for an awesome date is an arts festival or a museum depending on the availability and choice. It’s understandable that not everyone would be interested to spend their date in museums, frankly, I myself would choose a long drive over a museum, but then there are those who very much love to enjoy a memorable time with a friend or a date between different arts with an awe-inspiring beauty.

4. Grocery Store

Not an amazing place to start with, but not as bad as it looks either. The idea behind a grocery store is to get used to the usual self of one another during errands. It would allow you to spend some personal time with your date apart from what you might spend outside in usual common places like restaurants and parks.

5. At Home

If your date has never visited your house, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to invite them. You can prepare a special dish and bring a movie that you can watch together while spending time at your place. The reason, you an opt for a house is that it makes you feel comfortable and simply like you are at home 😛

6. Movie

You both can go for a romantic movie to enhance some romantic activities between each other. A movie date is the best place to start with extra curricular in case you have various reasons to carry on your expedition.

7. Concert

A Musical concert, can be a classical one or an electronic, whichever suits you both. Concerts would give you numerous reasons to increase interaction and communication, which is a very good way to know each other better.

8. Local park

As they say, keep it simple, as you have already spend a date with each other, a cute, simple date at the nearest local park can be best for you both to start knowing each other better, instead of spending unnecessary time spending on other activities. But then, it’s all a matter choice and what suits you both.

9. Old- fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Remember the movie Little Manhattan? Of course you do! For me, it’s like a memory of those days when love and relationships were alien and that nothing seemed to reap the efforts, but guess what, time changes. Take a nostalgic trip to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and enjoy some ice cream along with a partner who is worthy of it. Just saying..

10. Adventure Sports

Go crazy! Get the best of your time spent together with adventure sports. A little excitement, adventure, risk and awesomeness can make up for the best date ever.

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