10 Common Things That Turn off Women on Valentine’s Day

Guys, are you ready for the big day? We are exactly 15 days away from witnessing yet another vibrant and jubilant morning of Valentine’s Day this Sunday, 14th February, 2016. A lot of things might be going on your mind on how to please your girl on that red-letter-day but don’t do something silly out of extreme excitement.

Women are sensitive and impetuous, so you shouldn’t hurry but stay calm and patient as the special moment of the day gets unfolded before your eyes. There are several instances when a guy often turns his first date on Valentine’s Day a disastrous one. Here are the 10 common things that turn-off women on Valentine’s Day;

1) Improper Fingernails: Well, it has nothing to do with nail polishes. But as a man, you have to have clean and properly trimmed nails. Women are certainly allergic to that of men’s long and dirty nails.

2) Inappropriate Clothing: A survey has recently disclosed that ill-fitted clothes are the single turn-off for women in recent times. So, this Valentine’s Day make sure that you are wearing a stylish suit as you go on to captivate some happy moments with her.

3) Indecent Behaviour: When you on a date with your loved one, make sure that you are a nice guy. For the sake of showing your boldness, never jump into fight with the people around you. For example; your behaviour with staff at the restaurant or hotels should be good and nice.

4) Impatience Attitude: You must know that it is the inherent choice of every woman to have an educated, calm and composed boyfriend. Hence, when you are enjoying a romantic day with her, don’t lose your patience out of too much anxiety or excitement.

5) Bad Footwear: Believe it or not, but the age-old idiom that “a man is best known by the shoe he wears” holds correct to even relationship. When you are on a romantic date with your sweetheart, don’t forget to wear a pair of clean and stylish shoes.

6) Compliment Her Properly: “Think thousand times before you speak”. Even if you are complimenting her with some flattery words, don’t try to speak something that suggests thoroughly different meaning. For example; if you say, “You are the only girlfriend I have ever got in my entire life”, then it represents as if you don’t wish to make friendship with girls and are more comfy with the boys. Though, the case is actually not so.

7) Inapt Attitude: You to have a good attitude for the happy survival of any relationship. Try to be as compassionate as possible. Make sure that you are listening to everything that she says.

8) Punctuality: It is considered as the first sign of your sincerity to any relationship. Whenever you two meet, make sure that you reach there at least 5 minutes earlier. Several women get mesmerised by the punctuality factor of boys.

9) Don’t interrupt her: Let her speak her mind out every time she meets you. Frequently interrupting her at the middle of the sentences is certainly annoying feeling and a big turn-off for women.

10) Don’t be dirty: Always make sure that you use a quality deodorant and stay clean while you decide to meet her. Personal hygiene does matter for you and your soul-mate too. She does love a smart and tidy person. You can use deodorant to get that extra spark of romance inside you.

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