Bursting Crackers Increases the Level of Pollution on Diwali: Says Report



Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is known for its rich tradition of bursting colourful crackers on that day. But over the past few years, people have become somewhat cautious about bursting crackers. The reasons can by many, but primarily, health risk is on top. We need to bring it down further.

Last year, Pune University has categorically pointed out the direct link between crackers and pollution. A report published in the Indian express, one of India’s leading dailies, cited an observation jointly conducted by the researchers at the Pune University (PU) and Chest Research Foundation (CRF). It disclosed that a simple fire cracker like a snake tablet emits as high as PM2.5 (Particulate matter), which isn’t good for humans and environment. Now imagine how much the other big crackers emit?

A snake table release around 65, 000 mcg /m3. It’s extremely harmful for the people standing near it and also it directly affects our environment. Crackers can harm our vital organs like eyes, nose, heart and lung.

Why You Should Stop Bursting Crackers: Reasons at A Glance

  • Prevent Fire Hazards: Fire accidents and tragedies are quite frequent in India. Kollam tragedy in Kerala, which took dozens of lives, a few months back, happened because of firecrackers. We can’t overlook it.
  • Be kind to Animals/ Pets: You can’t enjoy at the cost of harming other beings. Common!! Bursting crackers is no enjoyment at all. It shows your selfishness and lackadaisical attitude towards others. By bursting firecrackers you are endangering the lives of mute pet animals living within us.
  • Garbage All Over: There is no doubt, the wastage by firecrackers increases the waste – be it the sheet or the unused crackers – they lie scattered here and there. Is the clean India that we dreamt of?
  • Stop Promoting Child Labour: Spare a thought for those helpless kids who endanger their lives to let you burst crackers on Diwali. They work at hazardous factories and often risk their lives. Stop it!! Their apt place is school not hazardous factories. By purchasing firecrackers you are also somewhere promoting the child labor. Raise your voice against it.
  • Avoiding Harmful Gases: Every firecracker has some toxic chemicals and elements in it like; Cadmium, Aluminum, Sulfur and Barium among others. They do no good to us but invade our bodies by way of breathing. Then they attack our immune system and increase the risk of other serious diseases too.

Why Boycott Chinese Fire-Crackers?

There are many reasons to avoid purchasing Chinese Firecrackers. It doesn’t relate to any political ideology but some simple common senses.

  • The presence of high level of Potassium Chlorate in Chinese fire-crackers. Indian government has banned the chemical in 1992.
  • Possession and sale of foreign firecrackers (including Chinese) is punishable under the Indian law.
  • The noise limit for firecrackers as per the Indian rule is 145. But Chinese crackers frequently exceed that level. Also, the manufacturers hardly disclose chemical composition inside these crackers.
  • Often the chemical compounds which help making firecrackers are smuggled into India from abroad flouting all rules and regulations – causing huge damage to Indian treasury and Tax department.

Bursting crackers is in itself a bad omen. You spend a huge chunk of money just to fire crackers. Especially, in an over polluted and populated nation like India bursting firecrackers during diwali and marriage season is like endangering the entire nation, people and ecology as a whole.

Don’t Follow The Crowd…. Follow what is Right. Let’s pledge to stop lighting firecrackers on Diwali and other ceremonies, starting this Year!!

Gender Inequality – Everyone Is A Culprit!



India of today is relentlessly aspiring to make a solidified place for itself in world politics, economy, defense, science and space. On one hand, more than two decades of liberalization and globalization has redefined the concept of capital economy around the world at large and particularly in India; whereas, UN General Assembly still in 2015 lists ending poverty and hunger as their primary Sustainable Development Goals.

The paradox is nowhere more evident in its entirety than in India. Despite the grave income inequality, so much so, that one is forced to vividly notice the existence of two juxtaposed national entities surviving within the geographical boundaries of one India; there is something that unifies these contrasting national identities and it is not Hindutva! Whether one is rich or a pauper, educated or uneducated, urban or a rural resident, we are all bitten by the bug of a cultural male bias! It would be easier to shrug one’s shoulder on yet another feminist sermon. But, the declining Child Sex Ratio ever since the recorded data on population has been maintained is a horrifying and disturbing indicator for the country. Modernity, education and growth were supposed to end gender inequality but what we are witnessing is starkly opposite!

Society is the reflection of material development. The nation which is obsessed with consumerism, translating it as growth needs introspection on this disheartening trend that encompasses religious, ethnic, educational, economic, caste-based and geographical diversity. A society in which a woman is discriminated against from her mother’s womb and her modesty outraged either physically or psychologically has no right to call itself civilized or developed.

I had a long held prejudice against marriage in its arranged, moral, societal and family oriented format as the root cause for all social woes. It will be a different debate altogether and inconsequential too as anyway in our time while we walk the earth, there seems no plausible hope of this rouged institution of marriage waning. Weddings will continue to be negotiated between families and women will continue to be treated as objects in this widely accepted, sacred and lawful trade.

However, there is something which all of us can do to curb the persistent adverse sex ratio without much rigor at individual levels. It is by fighting against the menace of dowry and understanding its detrimental backlash on the country. We can play a crucial part towards a gender equitable world. Dowry is often downplayed but is one of the most vital empirical reasons for the tendency of not wanting a girl child. The practice of dowry continues unabated and in the present epoch of commercialization has become uglier than ever. Ironically, we have made women their own foes in this vicious arrangement of family affairs! Every one of us is a culprit in this abhorrent crime against women as either a directly involved party or a witness who preferred shutting their eyes, mouth and ears like Gandhi’s pseudo mystic apes!

I am aware of some obnoxious arguments in favour of dowry too. I suppose anybody who respects individuality, believes in liberty and values the dignity of human life could only laugh at such sugar-coated pretexts being offered, as I did! To rise against dowry will be our first formidable step towards empowering women and moving forward into a desired land where people irrespective of any biases and prejudice have freedom of choices and outcomes!


Comparing iPhone 7 V/S iPhone 6



Finally, after a long wait, iPhone 7 has been released and shall soon be visible in hands of iPhone lovers across countries. But the real question is, whether the new iPhone 7 is worth the upgrade from iPhone 6 and if spending money will get you what you require from your latest iPhone apart from the brand value, which as we all know, Android users never really understand.

So Apple launched its new iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016 in San Fransisco and started selling from 16th September and the latest buzz is the unavailability of iPhone 7 jet black for the first batch is sold out and other batches of silver, black, rose and rose gold are limited in number. So the rush is huge and everybody is going berserk, should you wait or not, let’s try to understand.


The new iOS 10 in iPhone 7 features various new features, out of which the following three are the hottest.

  1.  Hyperinteractive – The iOS 10 will get voicemail transcription and will automatically detect if the callers are spammers.
  2.  Apple Music – The Apple music interface has completely been revamped with a better interface than before, which had received numerous complaints from its users.
  3.  3D Touch – The iOS 10 will enable you to get widgets by pressing down on the app icon for a quicker access.

Design and Display

IPhone 7 has a 4.70-inch touchscreen display which is similar to iPhone 6. Both 6 and 7 have a resolution of 750 pixels by 1334 pixels. While the iPhone 7 is powered by quad-core Apple A10 fusion processor, iPhone 6 was powered with Apple’s A8 processor. The current version comes with 2GB RAM while the previous one came with 1GB RAM.

Camera Features

iPhone 7 has  a 12 megapixel primary camera with an aperture of f/18. The primary camera also has a six element lens. Other new features in iPhone 7 camera include optical image stabilization, Quad-LED true tone flash and body detection.

The Front camera has improved its resolution to 7 megapixels and also offers image stabilization. The front camera will record in 1080 pixels, thanks to Retina Flash.  On the other hand, iPhone 6 has 12 megapixel rear camera, but only 5 megapixel front camera. It does not feature front flash and is incapable of live photos and 4k video recording. Also, iPhone 6 has dual –LED True Tone Flash rather Quad LED in 7, which offers much better image quality.


iPhone 6 features A9 processor, which 7 is loaded with A1 fusion which has M10 motion coprocessor, which Apple claims is 40 percent faster than A9. The new iPhone will be available in 256GB, 128GB and 32 GB, and will have a battery life 2 hours more than its previous version.

Upgrade or not?

Although there aren’t many huge enhancements as such in the new iPhone 7, but for all iPhone lovers, they are huge enough and AirPods definitely steal the deal because it’s a new concept and worth a try. Moreover, if you don’t like it, you have the option to use your earphones.

Team Indus of India Is Ready For Its Debut Cruise To Moon

Technology major Google has shortlisted Team Indus, only Indian space technology startup, to send a robot to the moon under the company’s Lunar XPRIZE competition for $25 million plus project. If the startup succeeds it would be the first time that a cent percent privately owned entity making a lunar exploration.

According to sources, Team Indus has already crossed the first hurdle by winning $1 million prize money earlier this year. The team’s R&D (Research and Development) division has a squad of capable scientists and future astronauts. Team Indus is expected to undertake its lunar mission by December next year.

The entire Indian media is now going gaga over Team Indus’s stupendous success; even its members are highly excited too. Literally, it’s the first time that any Indian rover or spacecraft is expected to land on the surface of the moon under the aegis of private entrepreneurs. In 1976, Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma created a record by becoming the first Indian to land on the moon.

Why Team Indus Has An Edge Over Other Nations?

Until now, only ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has exclusive right over space exploration. But now, Team Indus, a private company, is standing on the verge of creating history amidst several competitors. Initially, Indus team faced a tough contest from other 10 who were also in the fray including the likes of Italy, Peru, Mexico, Singapore, Germany and others.

Gladly enough, India had successfully reached the top 3 club of the contest. All these three nations will compete to send their spacecraft to the moon by 2017. GLPX (Google Lunar XPrize) will announce the ultimate winner of the contest which will fly to the moon through its spacecraft.

With Team Indus already in top 3, India’s prospect of winning this prestigious contest is indeed glittering.

Exactly nine years back, Google launched its unique lunar exploration campaign, GLPX (Google Lunar XPrize), in 2007, that aimed at motivating budding entrepreneurs to undertake in-depth research on space exploration. Several countries opted out of the contest due to one reason or another. But India’s Indus team stayed alive in the contest despite being a small private-funded entity.

Team Indus has a small yet capable staff. According to Team Indus’s official Ravishankar, “Humans have conquered sea, land and air. Space is the final frontier.” This couplet gave the much-needed impetus to the team that brought it to global spotlight.

Bes Wishes Team Indus

India is taking a great pride in team Indus and there is every reason to feel so. After the painstaking effort by the Indus team, finally, we are in the top 3. There is every possibility that the first ever premier spacecraft by Team Indus will land on the moon, India’s nearest satellite body.

The team is currently managed by Axiom Research Labs Pvt. Ltd headquartered in Bengaluru. The team is getting overwhelming wishes from the Indian crowd and citizens who feel this is the right time to show the world that India is a great nation with the right level of scientific temper, skill and attitude.

In recent past, Chandrayaan-1, India’s first unmanned mission to the moon didn’t land there as per planned. In fact, it did rough landing leading to the termination of its functioning. It is hoped that Team Indus will make a successful soft landing on the moon. Keeping fingers crossed!!

Why Some People Are Left-Handed, While Others Right-Handed?

During our childhood days, we often got fascinated that why a few of our friends did most of their daily activities using their left-hands while most of us used our right hands for those stuffs. It seemed to be a bit of mystery during those days, but latest scientific research and studies have unravelled the same.

In our daily life, we often find people using different hands for their day-to-day activities. Some people are well-versed using right hand for varieties of stuff – around 85 per cent of the people dominantly do so. However, there are still around 15 percent of people who use their left-hands most of the time.

While it seems utterly puzzling from outside, it is very well backed up by scientific research. According to Clare Porac, a professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University (USA), “the side of the preferred hand that we use most in our day to day activities depends upon biological and genetic factors”. Evolutionary natural selection produces most of the humans with speech control in the left hemisphere of our brains which also manages the movements of the right hand.

Medically speaking, there are two alleles of a gene at the same genetic location that are associated with handedness; D (Dextal, meaning right) gene and the other allele is a C (denoting chance, since lefties are minority) gene. Most people are born with a larger influence of the D gene based on genetic factors. Scientific research also claimed that being left-handedness could arise out of genetic history too.

Contrarily, C gene is usually found in rare cases. When it is present, people find it easier to do work with left hands. This theory of hand preference causation is often determined by societal pressures and cultural biases as well. Presence of right-handed children in families with left-handed parents and left-handed children in families with right-handed parents are quite normal. We find such cases even in our own surroundings.

Why Lefties are viewed with Suspension?

There is absolutely no rationale behind the theory that why lefties are viewed with suspension? A few decades back, left-handedness was called ‘sinistrality’ for no definite reason at all. The term Sinistrality has originated from Latin word sinistra meaning left but people soon associated it with evilness. Gradually the concept is getting changed now with the advent of rational thinking among the people, but still many people view left-handed people that way.

Historically, the left side has construed to be negative while right side has continued to be viewed as positive. Even the word ‘right’ means correct in itself, while being left suggests that you are on the contrary side.

Some of the people are also well versed with doing things at ease using both hands – this is called ambidextrous ability. Scissors, cameras and computer mouse are made for right handed people hence sometimes left-handed people find it difficult to operate them.

Drinking Water is good for Kidneys – Agree?


Believe it or not. You can actually eliminate many of your health risks by simply taking adequate amount of water every day. You will be surprised to know that drinking at least 8 to 10 litres of water a day keeps kidney problems at bay. Yes, it is true that water is good for kidneys. Even doctors admit this fact. Drinking enough fluids helps us remove toxins out of our body.

Often, the formation of kidney stones take place inside our body without our knowledge. But, we can actually minimize the risk of such stones and prevent their further proliferation by consuming enough water. In most cases, people who drink water sufficiently pass kidney stones through urine without much pain and problems. The health risks mainly arise when people consume less water without knowing that they may be nurturing a kidney stone.

For this very reason, doctors often advise patients to drink a sufficient amount of water at frequent intervals in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones, while keeping their kidney healthy.

Kidney Stones and Complications: Common Symptoms

You may be having a kidney stone if you encounter the following:

  • Fever and chills
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Constant Pain below ribs for 30 to 50 minutes
  • Painful urination
  • Nausea and vomiting

Types of Kidney Stones

  • Cystine Stones: These are largely formed due to hereditary disorder and genetic problems.
  • Calcium Stones: Calcium oxalate is the most common substance found in Kidney stones. In fact, we consume some amount of oxalate daily as this substance is found in vegetables and fruits. If you have calcium stones in your kidney, then doctor may ask you to avoid food rich in oxalate.
  • Struvite Stones: These types of Kidney stones are mostly found in women. These stones are formed due to UTI or urinary tract infections.
  • Uric Acid Stones: Uric acid is mostly found in protein-rich foods. If your doctor finds uric acid stones inside your kidney, then he may ask you to avoid eating protein rich vegetables and fruits.

Causes of Kidney Stones

Lots of chemical reactions take place round the clock inside our body. Sometimes, risky substances such as urate, calcium, oxalate, phosphate and other chemicals join together forming a minor particle in the form of kidney stones. When it becomes too big, then surgery becomes essential. Smaller stones can easily pass away in urine by consuming enough water and with the help of few doctor prescribed medicines.

Sedentary lifestyle with limited physical work is cited as one of the common reasons for growing kidney problems. Sugar intake should be directly based on our physical activity and body types. Drinking too much soda and overeating are some other reasons leading to the formation of kidney stones. Balanced diet and physical work-outs are easy remedy to stay healthy and disease-free.

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Our first aim should be to keep our kidneys healthy and prevent the formation of stones inside them. Drinking a lot of fluids and producing enough urine is extremely important in this regard. According to National Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas, “People reduce their chance of forming kidney stones by 50 percent when they produce around 2 to 3 litres of urine every day.”

Consuming normal food and limited water doesn’t produce adequate amount of urine. We need to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to produce an optimum quantity of urine. The best idea is to keep sipping plain water at frequent intervals.

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Transform Your House into a Smart Home


Over the last few years, technology has made our life simpler. Earlier, we had to carry several devices for different purposes, but smartphones and tablets have now obviated that need. We can now easily use our smartphones for multiple purpose including managing our home appliances through smart home automation system. If it gets your imagination running, let me tell you that it is a reality.

Smart home as a concept is beautiful. It lets you manage all your home appliances and electronic devices in your house from a single place using your smartphone. Smart home automation technology is categorized in 6 types: Entertainment, Healthcare, Climate Control, Security and Safety, Lighting and Home Appliances.

What Does a Smart Home Mean?

With growing age and busy lifestyle, many of us find it personally cumbersome to walk to another room to get things done but smart home automation system enables us getting those things done conveniently with a single click on our smart phone or tablet without touching the device kept in another room.

Smart Homes also come with an in-built security system that provides round the clock protection of the house from any untoward incident or activity. The secret behind the success of Smart home system is the Home Controller, which controls the residence’s automation systems through Window based PC.

Whether you wish to have glitzy lighting on your bed room or simply want to lock each door of your house properly at night, just click the App button on your smartphone and the thing is done.

How Smart Home Technology Works

According to International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (February, 2010), A Powerline Carrier Systems (PCS) transmitter in the Home controller sends signal to home’s wiring, and receiver plugged into electric outlets receive that signal while letting the appliances attached to it function. This enables the entire smart home automation to work with a single button and voice control.

Within the next couple of years, a lot of homes in Europe and North America will adopt Smart Home technology. Around 70 million people living in those regions are expected to make a massive lifestyle change by adopting smart home automation systems.

Top 4 Exclusive Gadgets for Your Smart Home Needs

  • Weather Station: This device keeps you up to date about the weather condition in your house. It also keeps you abreast with latest weather updates in your vicinity.
  • Smart Lighting: These smart bulbs can be switched on and off using the App on your smartphone. This has almost become synonymous to what we say smart lighting concept. It saves around 30% of your annual energy consumption and hard earned money too.
  • Smoke Detector: Using so many electronic equipments at home also comes with a slight risk of short circuit or fire hazard. To stay safe and stress-free, install this device as it alerts you whenever any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the house.
  • Smart Lock: When it comes to safety and security this device is a one of its kind and is of extremely help to those who wish to live a secured life inside smart Home. You can now easily close all your doors using it and unlock the same whenever you need. As simple as it.
  • No doubt, our life has become now more luxurious and simpler than ever. Thanks to the wondrous improvement and innovation in the world of technology.

    “We have nothing to hide” Campaign by Airtel

    Airtel has recently launched an online campaign titled “We have nothing to hide.” The advertisement of the campaign on sites such as Youtube shows a video declaring that Airtel will be showing tower and signal status of network in a particular area. The campaign has been launched in India due to the recent hues and cries about network connectivity in the region, and constant complaints by users about call drop issue.airtel

    After watching the video, I decided to check the network coverage for some locations on the map:  Continue reading

    Latest Android Version of Snapchat Not Clicking Well with Users

    snapchat logoSnapchat has quickly evolved as a popular social media application with the app being rated by 7,171,255 users on Google Play alone. As the name suggests, Snapchat has been designed with the purpose of allowing people to freely share snaps, videos and read interesting stuff from all over the world. If you have downloaded the latest Android version of Snapchat, you may be troubled by certain bugs and errors, which may make your experience of using the app little cumbersome. 

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    Are machines winning over humans?


    Research, the word itself means searching for something again. It implies that what you are researching is already there or established, and you are just trying to research it or add on to it. In an information age where computers, bots, and even robots are beginning to substitute humans, the day is not far when virtual machines will beat humans in almost everything. I am not saying it without any research, eh! As per Professor Vardi at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting held in Washington, by 2045, machines will be able to complete majority of the tasks which a human can do. Take the case of Google’s driverless car. The innovation on launch is expected to tax high on the job prospects of drivers who have some element of errors. You cannot imagine a machine to drink and drive, or go to sleep. Can you? Continue reading